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    • 1. exercise ultimate power or authority over (an area and its people): "the region today is ruled by elected politicians" Similar governpreside overcontrolhave control of
    • 2. pronounce authoritatively and legally to be the case: "a federal court ruled that he was unfairly dismissed from his job" Similar decreeorderdirectpronounce
  2. a. : a prescribed guide for conduct or action. b. : the laws or regulations prescribed by the founder of a religious order for observance by its members. c. : an accepted procedure, custom, or habit. d (1) : a usually written order or direction made by a court regulating court practice or the action of parties. (2)

  3. Meaning of rule in English. rule noun (INSTRUCTION) B1 [ C usually plural ] an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be done, and tells you ... rule noun (CONTROL) Idioms. rule verb (CONTROL) rule verb (DECIDE)

  4. Meaning of rule in English. rule noun (INSTRUCTION) Add to word list. B1 [ C usually plural ] an accepted principle or instruction that states the way things are or should be ... rule noun (CONTROL) Idioms. rule verb (CONTROL) rule verb (DECIDE)

  5. noun. a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.: the rules of chess. the code of regulations observed by a religious order or congregation: the Franciscan rule. verb (used with object), ruled, rul·ing.

  6. as in government. lawful control over the affairs of a political unit (as a nation) the years during which Russia was under Communist rule. Synonyms & Similar Words. government. administration. governance. regime. jurisdiction. reign.

  7. 1. To be in total control or command; exercise supreme authority. 2. To formulate and issue a decree or decision. 3. To prevail at a particular level or rate: Prices ruled low. 4. Slang To be excellent or superior: That new video game rules!

  8. Rules are statements that say what a person is and isn’t allowed to do. As a verb, rules means to control something or is used in slang to mean something is great. When capitalized, Rules has two specific senses as a noun. Many things have rules, such as board games or a school.

  9. 1 as in regulations a statement spelling out the proper procedure or conduct for an activity read the rules that are posted before you use the pool Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance regulations laws codes instructions values guidelines standards regs bylaws principles ground rules constitutions restrictions ordinances statutes commandments morals

  10. Apr 14, 2023 · 1 : an authoritative legal doctrine, principle, or precept applied to the facts of an appropriate case adopting the rule of law that is most persuasive in light of precedent, reason and policy Wright v. Wright, 904 P.2d 403 (1995) 2 : government by law : adherence to due process of law Last Updated: 24 Apr 2023 - Updated example sentences

  11. rule ” means the whole or a part of an agency statement of general or particular applicability and future effect designed to implement, interpret, or prescribe law or policy or describing the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of an agency and includes the approval or prescription for the future of rates, wages, corporate or fin...

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