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    • 1. the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly; grip: "the sheer tenacity of the limpet"
  2. Tenacity is the quality displayed by someone who just won't quit — who keeps trying until they reach their goal. Definitions of tenacity noun persistent determination synonyms: doggedness, perseverance, persistence, persistency, pertinacity, tenaciousness see more Think you’ve got a good vocabulary? Take our quiz. ASSESSMENT: 100 POINTS

  3. noun Definition of tenacity as in persistence ability or willingness to carry on despite danger, difficulty, or obstacle Although they appeared to be losing badly, the home team's tenacity allowed them to make a comeback and clinch the victory. Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance persistence persistency stamina determination perseverance endurance

  4. 1. a. Extremely persistent in adhering to or doing something; stubborn or relentless: "tenacious defenders of their harsh and pitiless land" (Dee Brown). b. Characterized by extreme persistence; relentless or enduring: tenacious detective work; tenacious superstitions. 2. Holding together firmly; cohesive: a tenacious material. 3.

  5. tenacious adjective te· na· cious tə-ˈnā-shəs 1 a : not easily pulled apart b : tending to stick 2 a : holding fast or tending to hold fast : persistent people tenacious of their opinions old ideas are tenacious b : retentive a tenacious memory tenaciously adverb tenaciousness noun Medical Definition tenacious adjective te· na· cious tə-ˈnā-shəs

  6. tenacity See definition of tenacity on noun diligence, stubbornness synonyms for tenacity Compare Synonyms chutzpah courage determination firmness grit guts perseverance persistence spunk steadfastness application backbone clock doggedness follow-through gutsiness heart inflexibility intransigence moxie nerve obduracy obstinacy

  7. Sep 20, 2021 · Tenacity is what moves us to action. It is energetic passion and perseverance that we are all capable of exuding. When you are a tenacious person at work, you will become a dependable individual who is given more opportunities. Having tenacity in relationships also builds stronger bonds with like-minded people.

  8. A. Tenacious is a mostly positive term. If someone calls you tenacious you're probably the kind of person who never gives up and never stops trying – someone who does whatever is required to accomplish a goal. You may also be very stubborn. B. True fact: Tenacious D gets its name from a term sportscaster Marv Albert's uses for impressive defense.

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