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  1. British Columbia - Wikipedia

    British Columbia (BC; French: Colombie-Britannique) is the westernmost province of Canada, located between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. With an estimated population of 5.1 million as of 2019, it is Canada's third-most populous province.

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    • Victoria
  2. Victoria, British Columbia - Wikipedia,_British_Columbia

    Victoria is the capital city of the Canadian province of British Columbia, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada's Pacific coast. The city has a population of 85,792, and the Greater Victoria Area has a population of 367,770.

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    • 2 August 1862
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    British Columbia's premier is John Horgan, leader of the provincial New Democratic Party, a social democratic party. The NDP governs British Columbia through a deal with the provincial Green Party, led by Andrew Weaver. The BC Liberal Party is the main opponent to the NDP, and is led by Andrew Wilkinson.

    • July 20, 1871 (7th)
    • Vancouver
  4. British Columbia - Wikipedia

    British Columbia (Prinanses: Colombie-Britannique) maoy lalawigan sa Kanada. Siya nahimutang sa kasadpang bahin sa nasod, 3,600 km sa kasadpan sa ulohang dakbayan Ottawa. Adunay 4,413,973 ka molupyo. Ang dapit sa British Columbia mao ang 944,735 ka mga kilometro kwadrado.

  5. Surrey, British Columbia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...,_British_Columbia

    Surrey is a city in British Columbia, Canada.It is a part of Metro Vancouver, which is next to the cities of; Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam to the north, Pitt Meadows to the north east , Langley to the east, New Westminster to the north west, White Rock to the south , and Delta to the west.

    • 317.4 km², 437,685
    • Linda M. Hepner
  6. List of municipalities in British Columbia - Wikipedia

    A city is a classification of municipalities used in British Columbia. British Columbia's Lieutenant Governor in Council may incorporate a community as a city by letters patent, under the recommendation of the Minister of Communities, Sport and Cultural Development, if its population is greater than 5,000 and the outcome of a vote involving affected residents was that greater than 50% voted in ...

  7. British Columbia – Wikipedia tiếng Việt

    British Columbia cũng có mạng lưới rộng các công viên cấp tỉnh, điều hành bởi B.C. Parks thuộc Bộ Môi trường. Hệ thống công viên cấp tỉnh của British Columbia là hệ thống công viên lớn thứ hai của Canada (lớn nhât là Hệ thống Vườn quốc gia Canada).

  8. Flag of British Columbia - Wikipedia

    The flag of British Columbia is based upon the shield of the provincial arms of British Columbia.At the top of the flag is a rendition of the Royal Union Flag, defaced in the centre by a crown, and with a setting sun below, representing the location of the province of British Columbia at the western end of Canada.

    • 14 June 1960; 59 years ago
    • British blue ensign in unofficial use between 1906 & 1960.
  9. Vancouver - Wikipedia

    Vancouver (/ v æ n ˈ k uː v ər / ()) is a coastal seaport city in western Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.As the most populous city in the province, the 2016 census recorded 631,486 people in the city, up from 603,502 in 2011.

  10. Stewart, British Columbia - Wikipedia,_British_Columbia

    West of Stewart is Hyder, Alaska, which is only 3 kilometres (2 mi) from the town. Northwest of Stewart, and accessible only by way of Hyder, is Premier, British Columbia, notable for being in British Columbia, but only accesible through a portion of the United States that is only accessible from Canada.

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