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    The griot is a repository of oral tradition and is often seen as a leader due to their position as an advisor to royal personages. As a result of the former of these two functions, they are sometimes called a bard.

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    Griot is a dish in Haitian cuisine. It consists of pork shoulder marinated in citrus, which is braised and then fried. It is commonly served at parties. Griot along with diri ak pwa wouj is considered by some to be Haiti's "national dish."

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    Griot, also known as Brewz Bana, is a rapper from Basel, Switzerland. Formerly known as Mory, he released several records and mix-tapes, until he was finally signed by Universal Records, Switzerland.

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    A griot or Jeli is a West African historian, storyteller, musician, genealogist, spokesperson, diplomat, teacher, praise-singer and more. There is really no word in the English language that fully explains what a Griot does. Not every griot does all these things, but these are some examples of what their function is.

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    En griot är en västafrikansk sångare, historieberättare, underhållare, lovsångare, musiker och muntlig historiker. Grioter finns idag i många delar av Västafrika och finns inom bland annat mande-folken (mandinka, malinké, bambara, etc.), fulɓe (fulani), hausa, songhai, tukulóor, wolof, serer, mossi, dagomba och susu.

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    Alfred Rosmer (born Alfred Griot, 1877 – 1964) was an American-born French Communist political activist and historian who was a leading member of the Comintern. Rosmer is best remembered as a political associate of Leon Trotsky and a memoirist.

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    The AllMusic review by Scott Yanow said "There are times when the group sounds a bit like the Modern Jazz Quartet, but other selections find the musicians showing more individuality. They are very much in tune with each other and, although not a touring group, sound as if they play together very regularly. Excellent modern mainstream jazz". On All About Jazz, John Kelman observed "Griot Libertè may also swing on the light side like MJQ, but the musical choices are far more weighty ... Griot Libertèis a project whose ultimate success should not be surprising; Williams has, over the course of forty years, demonstrated a remarkable natural sense of construction and an unfailingly refined musical instinct that makes every project well worth investigating". In JazzTimes, Ron Wynn stated "Buster Williams is highly regarded and respected for many things, most notably the beauty of his tone and sound, along with the consistent quality of his writing and recordings, and Griot Liberte(HighNot...

    All compositions by Buster Williams except where noted 1. "Nomads" – 8:42 2. "Related to One" – 5:47 3. "The Triumphant Dance of the Butterfly" – 7:51 4. "The Wind of an Immortal Soul" – 9:22 5. "Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye" (Cole Porter) – 6:35 6. "Joined at the Hip" – 8:42 7. "Concierto de Aranjuez" (Joaquín Rodrigo) – 5:24 8. "After the Ninth Wave" – 3:04

    Buster Williams - bass
    Stefon Harris - vibraphone
    George Colligan – piano
    Lenny White – drums
    • February 5, 2004
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    Ngoy Lusungu Serge, better known as Serge Le Griot, is a Congolese musician, poet, songwriter and blogger from North Kivu province.

    Ngoy Lusungu Serge, known as "Serge Le Griot", was born on 12 February 1995 in the city of Goma, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Passionate about modern poetry from an early age, he launched into the theater. After a few years in the troupe "Echos des plumes"

    Serge Le Griot met many artists while he was doing his bachelor in civil engineering at the Bujumbura Light University. He got to know the Chadian slammer Croque-mort, the actor and director Kader and the French slamers Rouda and Lyor including Rouda who inspired him to create, w

    In 2018, Serge Le Griot released his very first Slam album of 6 tracks with a new style called "Afroslamusic". He thus becomes the first slam artist from Central Africa to release an album and a source of inspiration for several others which will follow. His second album entitled "Shauku" is scheduled for this year 2020.

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    designed & tested in the u.s.a. Since 1990 we've developed, manufactured, and bottled our liquid car care products in our own U.S. manufacturing and distribution center, giving us total quality control over our washes, polishes, and waxes. Our towels, cloths, tools, buffing machines, garage gear, and accessories are designed by us to meet our ...

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    TheGrio's editorial mandate is to "focus on news and events that have a unique interest and/or pronounced impact within the national African Americans audience,"offering what co-founder, and Executive Editor David Wilson feels "are underrepresented in existing national news outlets". The website's name is derived from the word griot, the term for a West African oral historianand storyteller.


    1. David A. Wilson* (Co-founder, Executive Editor) 2. Daniel Woolsey (Co-founder, VP of Operations) 3. Barion L. Grant* (Co-founder, Former Director of Sales) (*) No longer with company


    1. Todd Johnson (Chief Content Officer) 2. Natasha S. Alford (VP, Content Creation) 3. Gerren Keith Gaynor (Managing Editor) 4. Shana Pinnock (Social Media Director) 5. Mariel Turner (Senior Editor)

    "MSNBC will air the world premiere of 'Meeting David Wilson,' Friday, April 11, 9 p.m. ET". NBC News. March 22, 2008.
    "". NBC Universal Media Village. Archived from the originalon October 5, 2013.
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