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  1. GMO Dangers | Institute for Responsible Technology › gmo-da

    GMO corn, for example, has higher levels of existing toxins and a whole new allergen. And you can find this information in these pages. So the process of genetic engineering is like throwing a dart at our DNA and saying “we’ll just turn this one off or turn this one on or make this one higher,” disregarding the collateral damage.

  2. What Are the Dangers of GMO Soybeans? | › article › 200114-what-are-the

    Jan 23, 2020 · Genetically modified food is a growing sector of agriculture. Concerns over whether genetically modified organisms (GMO) are dangerous have emerged alongside their development. Consumers are worried about potential side effects and long-term health consequences of eating foods such as GMO soybeans.

  3. GMO vs Non GMO: What the Food Labels Really Mean | Eat This ... › gmo-vs-non-gmo-labels

    Oct 21, 2019 · And yet one is a bit of a tougher nut to crack: GMO vs non-GMO (or GMO-free) and what exactly these labels mean. Following several years of back-and-forth (and a landmark move from Vermont legislators), in 2016, a law was finally passed forcing the USDA to enforce GMO labeling nationwide.

  4. 12 Dangerous And Hidden Food Ingredients In Seemingly Healthy ... › 12-dangerous-ingredients

    Are you a troll for the food industry, or what? Many GMO’s have been proven dangerous. If some research has manipulated MSG results, so what. I am a retired science writer. I KNOW the food industry (including the Department of Agriculture), Big Pharma, and many other industries manipulate research results on a regular basis.

  5. What Are GMOs? | Live Science › 40895-gmo-facts

    Jul 08, 2019 · One such anti-GMO organization is the Center for Food Safety, which calls the genetic engineering of plants and animals potentially "one of the greatest and most intractable environmental ...

  6. Glyphosate in Food: Complete List of Products and Brands ... › glyphosate-in-food-complete-list

    Aug 28, 2018 · In 2016, Food Democracy Now! and The Detox Project commissioned tests that found high levels of glyphosate in many American foods – even products that are certified organic or non-GMO. Below is a complete list of foods that contain glyphosate residues.

  7. The Pesticide Treadmill | Pesticide Action Network › gmos-pesticides-profit › pesticide-treadmill

    For decades, conventional farmers have been trapped on a “pesticide treadmill.” When persistent organochlorine pesticides like DDT were phased out for their health and environmental harms, a new fast-acting generation of organophosphates were phased in.

  8. Dangerous Food GMO . Do you know that you eat often the GMO foods in everyday life. GMO was detected in our favorite Ramen and popular canola oil. What is GMO? It is made ‘genetically modified foods’ shorter and it is a genetically recombinant creature that manipulates the genes of common life into a new breed. According to this […]

  9. The Misleading War on GMOs: The Food Is Safe. The Rhetoric Is ... › articles › health_and_science

    Jul 15, 2015 · Is genetically engineered food dangerous? Many people seem to think it is. In the past five years, companies have submitted more than 27,000 products to the Non-GMO Project, which certifies goods ...

  10. Weighing the GMO arguments: against - Home | Food and ... › english › newsroom

    Weighing the GMO arguments: against The main arguments that have been put forward against the use of GMOs in agriculture include: Potential negative effects on the environment. Genes can end up in unexpected places: Through "gene escape" they can pass on to other members of the same species and perhaps other species. Genes introduced in GMOs ...

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