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    What is a subsidiary company and how does it work?

    Can LLC have subsidiaries?

    What is parent company LLC?

  2. How to Create a Subsidiary Company | LegalZoom

    You can create a subsidiary LLC or a subsidiary corporation: If the parent company is a parent LLC , you will likely want to form the subsidiary as an LLC . A subsidiary LLC will give you pass-through taxation (no business taxes are paid and you as an individual will pay taxes on profits).

  3. How to Create a New Company, or Subsidiary, of an Existing ...
    • Michelle Fabio
    • Authorize the formation of a subsidiary. Call a meeting of the board of directors or other managing ownership of the existing company to vote on the formation of a subsidiary.
    • Choose a business entity type for the new company. You should set up the subsidiary as either a corporation or an LLC, because these two entity types have independent legal status to establish separate liability for the two companies and an ownership structure that allows the existing company to hold all of the interest in the subsidiary.
    • Draft the company's formation document under state law. Choose a state in which to set up the new company. Refer to the state's business statutes for instructions on how to prepare articles of incorporation for a corporation or articles of organization for an LLC.
    • File the formation document and fee with the state. Most states accept new business filings through the Secretary of State's office. Check the website for specific filing instructions and downloadable versions of authorized templates for articles of incorporation and organization.
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  4. How to Create a Subsidiary Business | Small Business -
    • Set up an LLC subsidiary. If the parent company is a limited liability company (LLC), you can form a subsidiary by setting it up as another LLC. When filling out the organization papers for the new LLC, list the parent LLC as the owner.
    • Form a corporate subsidiary. If your small business is a corporation, you can form a subsidiary that is also a corporation. Once the new company is formed, issue all the stock to the parent company.
    • Dispose of existing court cases before forming a subsidiary. If you try to form a subsidiary to protect part of your business from an existing lawsuit, the court will most likely ignore the new entity.
    • Replace your sole proprietorship status before forming a subsidiary. If you are a sole proprietor of your business, the Internal Revenue Service makes no distinction between you and the business.
  5. How To Create A Subsidiary Company - Your Company Formations

    A subsidiary company is a company that is either owned or owned in part by another company. The company that owns the subsidiary is known as a parent company or a holding company. It should be noted that a holding company does slightly differ from a parent company, though. How To Set Up a Subsidiary. A subsidiary company may be partly owned or ...

  6. How To Create a Subsidiary Under My Corporation

    The subsidiary, most often, operates in a complementary service to the parent company. Saturn is an example of a subsidiary under General Motors Corporation. To answer the question of how to create a subsidiary under my corporation, understanding the restrictions put forth by the IRS should be first priority.

  7. Subsidiary Company: What Is It?

    Jun 30, 2020 · A subsidiary company is a company that is completely or partially owned by another company, which may be a parent company that also has business operations or a holding company whose sole purpose is to own its subsidiaries.

  8. Setting up a Subsidiary Company | The Formations Company

    A company might also form a subsidiary company to limit its losses. The movie industry does this every time it makes a film: the movie itself becomes a subsidiary of that parent company. So, if Warner Brothers decide to make a new movie, they will form a new subsidiary around that production so it will be shielded from any losses the movie ...

  9. Subsidiary vs. Sister Company: What's the Difference?

    Jan 14, 2020 · Subsidiary . A subsidiary may either be a preexisting corporation that a parent company acquires, or it may be an entity that a parent company creates anew, in order to broaden its consumer base.

  10. Creating a Parent Company: Everything You Need To Know

    Jun 25, 2020 · The subsidiaries may have different legal structures, and you can create numerous layers of subsidiaries. However, each must have a separate EIN and unique trade name. The parent company must be listed as the owner or majority shareholder of the subsidiaries.

  11. How Do I Create an LLC Subsidiary? |

    A subsidiary is a company wholly owned by another company, with the latter being referred to as the "parent company." A subsidiary helps protect different sections of a business from being liable for the actions of others, and it does so with less administrative headache than creating a completely separate LLC.

    • Larissa Bodniowycz