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      • Vaporwave is a music genre branching from electronic Chillwave, but the unique and iconic visual aesthetic cultivated alongside it is now, debatably, more popular and recognizable than the music itself. is a music genre branching from electronic,more popular and recognizable than the music itself.
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  2. Vaporwave vs Chillwave: An important PSA – Wav Nation ...

    Jun 07, 2017 · It is extremely easy to confuse the two genres since vaporwave is a genre derived from chillwave. Due to both genres taking on a low fidelity characteristic in their sounds and taking notes from 80’s and 90’s music, chillwave and vaporwave can often be confused for each other.

  3. Vaporwave - Wikipedia

    Vaporwave coincided with a broader trend involving young artists whose works drew from their childhoods in the 1980s. "Chillwave" and "hypnagogic pop" were coined at virtually the same time, in mid-2009, and were considered interchangeable terms. Like vaporwave, they engaged with notions of nostalgia and cultural memory.

  4. Chillwave - Wikipedia

    Chillwave is a music microgenre that emerged in the late 2000s. It is characterized by a faded or dreamy retro pop sound, escapist lyrics (frequent topics include the beach or summer), psychedelic or lo-fi aesthetics, mellow vocals, low-to-moderate tempos, effects processing (especially reverb), and vintage synthesizers.

  5. Vaporwave | Aesthetics Wiki | Fandom
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    There are several niche communities that fans fro the vaporwave community gather and discuss and share vaporwave music. and that is the r/vaporwave sub reddit and Agora Road's Macintosh Cafe Member Forum.

    There are so many Vaporwave Music Artists out there that we won't be able to exactly list them off, but we can give you a list of some Vaporwave artists that can serve as an introduction to the genre. Some of these artists include: 1. Vektroid (creator of Floral Shoppe) 2. Skylar Spence (the artist formerly known as Saint Pepsi) 3. George Clanton 4. S U R F I N G 5. Windows96 6. t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 7. Infinity Frequencies 8. 2814 9. R23X 10. Nmesh 11. 猫 シ Corp.

    Vaporwave has garnered some notable attention from the music press as of late. Most recently, artists such as Vektroid, HKE, Infinity Frequencies, 2814, and R23X have gotten covered by music sites and blogs such as The Guardian, Dummy, Fader, FACT, The Wire, Thump (Vice), Red Bull Music Academy, The Quietus, Resident Advisor, TinyMixTapes, Marcel's Music Journal, Cokemachineglow, The Needle Drop, and others. Coincidentally, several Vaporwave zines have started popping up, most notable of them being Private Suite Magazine.

    A less-often spoken about aspect of vaporwave is vaporfashion, or clothing inspired by the vaporwave aesthetic. This can include brands that were popular in the 80's and 90's, such as Nike, ESPRIT, FILA, Adidas, etc., as well as specialized stores that sell vaporfashion (most famously amongst these brands being Vapor95). Vaporwave Fashion Vendors 1. Nike(no, seriously, they actually sell Vaporwave-themed clothing) 1. Vapor95 2. Palm Treat 3. Para Palm Apparel 4. Public Space 5. Ishihara Design 6. Virtual Plaza 7. Staycool 8. Pink Dolphin 9. Neon Talk 10. Iced Tea Aesthetics 11. MoonLambo 12. ToastyCo 13. Coolshirtz

  6. About Vaporwave | Vaporwave

    Vaporwave is a multimedia aesthetic phenomenon and internet meme with roots in an electronic style of music, also called Vaporwave, which began to emerge in the early 2010s. As a style of music, Vaporwave has roots in the downtempo, relaxed atmosphere and vintage analog sound of chillwave and the “chopped and screwed” technique of reappropriating existing music using heavy effects.

  7. Rouge's Foam: some chillwave differences

    Aug 04, 2013 · Usually, the genre tags are multiple, and a great many artists use both the 'chillwave' and 'vaporwave' tags at the same time, often more as well. Chillwave Probably the most well-known term today, 'chillwave' was identified and described by Carles, the author of the widely-read Hipster Runoff blog, in a post on July 27 2009 (click here to read). Referring to new acts Washed Out, Neon Indian and Memory Cassette / Memory Tapes, he says:

  8. Eccojams Vol. 1 Was the Blueprint for Vaporwave

    Sep 02, 2020 · It was this style, mixed with the early 2010s’ blogosphere staple “chillwave,” that created the classic vaporwave sound. But, unlike the warm, uncritical bright-eyed wistfulness of chillwave, Eccojams is an unnerving, often mournful piece of work that could inspire dread as much as nostalgia. “Be real, it doesn’t matter anyway,” a pitched-down loop sampling JoJo’s hit song “Too Little Too Late” repeats.

  9. Vaporwave | Know Your Meme
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    Vaporwave is a musical genre inspired by electronic dance music, New Age music and the indie dance genres chillwave and seapunk. Vaporwave is known for its use of Japanese characters in song titles, 80's smooth jazz and Muzak samples that have been pitch shifted and time stretched with music editing software. The genre has often been described as a satire of corporate and consumerist culture and modern capitalism, specifically as a critique of mainstream EDM.

    According to an article in the Chicago Reader, the vaporwave genre emerged on July 1st, 2011 with the release of the album New Dreams Laserdisc Visions, which was later dubbed "vaporwave" by Texas producer Will Burnett. The earliest known use of the term was printed in a review for the album Surfs Pure Hearts by Girlhood in the music blog Weed Templeon October 13th. 2011.

    There have been a number of albums described by many in the vaporwave community to be catalysts of sorts for the genre or "proto-vaporwave". These albums include a release from Daniel Lopatin (also known as Oneohtrix Point Never) under Chuck Person titled Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1 (shown below, left) and James Ferraro's album Far Side Virtual (shown below, right). Eccojams' music consists of what Lopatin termed "echo jams," where forms of popular music, usually originating from the 80s, are slowed down and sometimes looped repeatedly, similar to that of chopped-and-screwed. Ferraro's Far Side Virtual's themes and style are similar to that of vaporwave, with globalization, internetculture, and a critique of modern consumerist culture along with a music style reminiscent to that of elevator music.

    In December 2012, the music blog /mu/essentials, run by members of 4chan'smusic board, posted a graphic for "Essential Vaporwave" (shown below). On December 7th, the music blog Dummy published an article about vaporwave, which described it as a satire of capitalism. On January 24th, 2013, the Tumblrblog "Vaporwave Album Covers" was launched, which highlights album art from notable vaporwave artists (shown below). On March 4th, a vaporwave thread was submitted to the /mu/ (music) board on 4chan, where many users recommended their favorite vaporwave albums. On March 19th, the music blog Another County Heard published an article titled "The Verdict on Vaporwave," which noted how many Internet commenters had declared vaporwave to be "over". On December 27th, Vice published an article comparing vaporwave to seapunk, quoting several forum commenter descriptions of the genre as "chillwave for Marxists," "post-elevator music" and "corporate smooth jazz Windows95 pop." In January of 2015, 28...

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