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  1. Lyon - Wikipedia

    Lyon has two major railway stations: Lyon Part-Dieu, which was built to accommodate the TGV, and Lyon Perrache, an older station that now provides mostly regional service. Smaller railway stations include Gorge-de-Loup , Vaise , Vénissieux , Saint-Paul and Jean Macé .

    • 47.87 km² (18.48 sq mi)
    • France
  2. History of Lyon - Wikipedia

    Lyon is a city in the south of France. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times and was one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire, Lugdunum.After the Battle of Lugdunum (197) the city never fully recovered, and Lyon was built out of its ashes becoming a part of the Kingdom of the Burgundians.

  3. Lyon - Wikipedia

    Lyon haes a lang cultural influence on Fraunce an the warld. The ceety is kent for its historical an architectural landmarks an is a UNESCO Warld Heritage Steid. Lyon wis historically kent as an important aurie for the production an weavin o silk an in modren times haes developed a reputation as the caipital o gastronomy in Fraunce.

  4. Sue Lyon - Wikipedia

    Suellyn Lyon (July 10, 1946 – December 26, 2019) was an American actress. She joined the entertainment industry as a model at the age of 13, and later rose to prominence and won a Golden Globe for playing the title role in the film Lolita (1962).

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  6. Lyon — Wikipédia

    Lyon (prononcé / l j ɔ̃ / [3] ou / l i ɔ̃ / Écouter [4]) est une commune française située dans le sud-est de la France, au confluent du Rhône et de la Saône.Siège du conseil de la métropole de Lyon [5], elle est le chef-lieu de l'arrondissement de Lyon, de la circonscription départementale du Rhône et de la région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

  7. Lyon Metro - Wikipedia

    The Lyon Metro (French: Métro de Lyon) is a rapid transit system serving Lyon Metropolis, France.First opened in 1974, it currently consists of four lines, serving 40 stations and comprising 32.0 kilometres (19.9 mi) of route.

  8. Murders of Katherine and Sheila Lyon - Wikipedia

    Katherine Mary Lyon (aged 10), and Sheila Mary Lyon (aged 12) were sisters who disappeared without a trace during a March 25, 1975 trip to a shopping mall in the Wheaton, Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C.. Known colloquially as The Lyon Sisters, their case resulted in one of the largest police investigations in Washington metropolitan area ...

  9. Lyon - Wikipedia

    Lyon este un oraș în Franța situat la confluența fluviului Rhône cu râul Saône, la 460 km spre sud-est de Paris și la 314 km spre nord de Marsilia. Este capitala departamentului Rhône și a regiunii Auverge-Ron-Alpi .

    • Stemă
    • 173 m.d.m.
  10. Olympique Lyonnais - Wikipedia

    Olympique Lyonnais was initially formed under the multisports club Lyon Olympique Universitaire, which was originally formed in 1896 as Racing Club de Lyon.Following numerous internal disagreements regarding the cohabitation of amateurs and professionals within the club, then-manager of the club Félix Louot and his entourage contemplated forming their own club.

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