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  1. PAL region - Wikipedia

    The PAL region is a television publication territory that covers most of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and Oceania.

    • Release area

      The scope of the PAL region varies with systems and...

    • 60 Hz operation

      During the mid-1990s, the practice of modifying consoles...

  2. The PAL region is a PAL region which covers most of Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

  3. PAL - Wikipedia

    Phase Alternating Line(PAL) is a colour encoding system for analogue televisionused in broadcast television systems in most countries broadcasting at 625-line / 50 field (25 frame) per second (576i). It was one of three major analogue colour television standards, the others being NTSCand SECAM.

  4. List of DSiWare games (PAL region) - Wikipedia

    List of DSiWare games (PAL region) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This is a list of games and applications for the Nintendo DSi handheld game console available for download via the DSi Shop in the PAL region.

  5. List of Virtual Console games for Wii (PAL region) - Wikipedia

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The following is the complete list of the 385 Virtual Console titles (384 titles in Oceania) that were available for the Wii in the PAL region (Europe and Oceania) sorted by system and release dates. The final update was on September 5, 2013 as the service has been discontinued in all regions.

  6. PAL Airlines - Wikipedia

    PAL Airlines (formerly Provincial Airlines) is a Canadian regional airline with headquarters at St. John's International Airport in St John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. PAL operates scheduled passenger, cargo, air ambulance and charter services. PAL is the commercial airline arm of the PAL Group of Companies.

  7. List of Virtual Console games for Wii U (PAL region) - Wikipedia

    The following is a complete list of the 300 Virtual Console titles available for the Wii U in the PAL region (Europe and Australia) sorted by system and release dates. Nintendo Entertainment System. There are currently 89 games available to purchase.

  8. PAL Region | PAL Series Wikia | Fandom

    The PAL Region is a principality ruled by a Prince or Princess, who is chosen by the people. The people selected as the rulers must have the ability to defend themselves in times of danger and would usually have supernatural powers of their own. PAL is actually an acronym for "Pokémon Awakens...

  9. Regional lockout - Wikipedia

    The DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and UMD media formats all support the use of region coding; DVDs use eight region codes (Region 7 is reserved for future use; Region 8 is used for "international venues", such as airplanes and cruise ships), and Blu-ray Discs use three region codes corresponding to different areas of the world. Most Blu-rays, however, are ...

  10. DVD region code - Wikipedia

    In common region-locked DVDs (but not in RCE-DVDs), the region code is stored in the file "VIDEO_TS.IFO" (table "VMGM_MAT"), byte offsets 34 and 35. The eight regions each correspond to a value which is a power of 2: Region 1 corresponds to 1 (2 0), Region 2 to 2 (2 1), Region 3 to 4 (2 2), and so on through Region 8, which corresponds to 128 ...