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  1. Jan 28, 2021 · The Russian Ruble refers to Russia’s currency. Coming into use in the 14 th century, the ruble is the second oldest currency after the Sterling Pound. In 1704, it became the first European currency to be decimalized, when the ruble was equivalent to 100 kopeks.

  2. The Russian ruble or rouble (Russian: рубль rublʹ; symbol: ₽, руб; code: RUB) is the official currency of the Russian Federation.The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks (sometimes written as kopecks or copecks; Russian: копе́йка kopeyka, plural: копе́йки kopeyki).

    • RUB
    • ₽, руб / р. (colloquially)
    • 14 July 1992:, RUR (1 SUR = 1 RUR), 1 January 1998:, RUB (1000 RUR = 1 RUB)
    • Bank of Russia
  3. The Russian rouble (or ‘rouble’) is the official currency of Russia. Its currency code is RUB and its symbol is ₽. You’ll see it written in Russian as рубль or ‘rubl’ and its plural as рубли́ or ‘rubli’). The rouble is fiat money, and was the world’s first decimal currency. Its currency conversion factor has 6 digits. Currency name Russian Ruble

  4. Russian Ruble (RUB) The page provides information about the currency Russian Ruble in the form of a table with currency codes and the table with the current exchange rate to other currencies of the world. Currencies column you can sort from largest to smallest, clicking on the header of the table. Information about the currency

    • Russia
    • RUB
  5. The Russian Ruble is the primary currency of Russia. This currency is used by an estimated 144,104,080 people. Based on our estimate, Russian Ruble is the #10 most popular currency is the world. The currency code for the Russian Ruble is "RUB". The ISO 4217 number for this currency is 643. The currency symbol for the Ruble is "₽".

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    • 643
    • RUB
    • Ruble
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