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    Vulgar is a Latin word meaning "common" or "pertaining to ordinary people.". Language. Vulgar or common language, the vernacular speech of a region or a people; Language use characterised by vulgarity, see Vulgarism and Vulgarity § Language

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    Le Latin de Grégoire de Tours. Hildesheim, Olms, 1968. OCLC 227211403; Eugenio COSERIU. El llamado latín vulgar y las primeras diferenciaciones romances: breve introducción a la lingüística románica., Universidad de la República, Montevideo, 1954. OCLC 559690750; Eugenio COSERIU. Estudios de lingüística románica.

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    British Latin or British Vulgar Latin was the Vulgar Latin spoken in Great Britain in the Roman and sub-Roman periods. While Britain formed part of the Roman Empire, Latin became the principal language of the elite, especially in the more Romanised south and east of the island.

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