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    Vulgar Latin, also known as Popular or Colloquial Latin, is the range of non-formal registers of Latin spoken from the Late Roman Republic onward. Through time, Vulgar Latin would evolve into numerous Romance languages. Its literary counterpart was a form of either Classical Latin or Late Latin, depending on the time period.

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    Vulgar is a Latin word meaning "common" or "pertaining to ordinary people.". Language. Vulgar or common language, the vernacular speech of a region or a people; Language use characterised by vulgarity, see Vulgarism and Vulgarity § Language

  3. Le Latin de Grégoire de Tours. Hildesheim, Olms, 1968. OCLC 227211403; Eugenio COSERIU. El llamado latín vulgar y las primeras diferenciaciones romances: breve introducción a la lingüística románica., Universidad de la República, Montevideo, 1954. OCLC 559690750; Eugenio COSERIU. Estudios de lingüística románica.

  4. Latin is still used in taxonomy to give scientific names to species and groups of species of living things. Some terms used in medicine to name parts of the body (such as bones) and names of some diseases are also written in Latin. Varieties. There are three types of Latin: Classical Latin, Vulgar Latin, and Ecclesiastical Latin. Classical ...

  5. El concepto de vulgarización, además de su significado en mercadotecnia (marca vulgarizada), es equivalente a popularización o, en su caso, a divulgación científica o a la traducción de un texto de una lengua clásica a una lengua vulgar.

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