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  1. Canadian French vs. French: 7 Important Differences You Need ...

    Canadian French Incorporates More Aboriginal Words. Another source of differences between Canadian French and European French is that Canadian French has much more vocabulary derived from First Nations languages. For example, in European French, if you wanted to buy some sandals, you’d look for les sandales.

  2. 4 Big Differences: Canadian French vs Regular French
    • Words. While the majority of words are the same in Canadian French, some of them are distinctively different. One distinctly Canadian word is poutine. Now if you are familiar with French swear words, you may think this means something else.
    • Accent. Most consonants sound the same between the two dialects, but one of the most noticeable difference is the way they say the letters t and d when the come before the vowels U or I. They end up sounding like ts and dz.
    • Bilingualism. Next to the differences in pronunciation, the ability of the Québécois to change between French and English is probably the most confusing thing for people unfamiliar with Canadian French.
    • Culture. There are also cultural differences that affect the way French is used. As you may have guessed, they are a little more laid back in Canada, and the use of the informal tu is much more common.
  3. Big Differences Between Canadian French and Paris French

    The most striking difference between Metropolitan French and Canadian French for those who already speak French is the idiom. Obviously, both are correct, and if you analyze the different words in either language they both make a lot of sense, if you take into account cultural differences and historic development of each of the two countries.

  4. Difference Between Canadian French and French of France? | CCA

    There are other differencesFrench from France is more amenable to the introduction and use of English words and changes these into a distinct French form. For example French from France uses the English term “parking” whereas in Canadian French “parking” is “stationnement”. Formality

  5. French Canadians - Wikipedia

    French Canadians (including those who are no longer French-speaking) constitute the second largest cultural group in Canada, behind those of English ancestry and ahead of those of Scottish and Irish heritage; there is nevertheless a distinction between those identifying as French Canadians and those simply identifying as French. In total, those ...

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  7. 3 differences between European French and French Canadian ...
    • Pronunciation. Canadian French contains many older pronunciations, causing them to have a noticeably different accent. Although these changes do not mean complete misunderstanding or miscommunication, it can still be incredibly difficult to effectively communicate between the languages.
    • Vocabulary. Vocabulary also plays a massive role in differentiating European French and French Canadian. Both variants of French borrow words from English, however they do not tend to be the same words.
    • Grammar. Canadian French tends to follow the same grammatical rules as European French, however there are still several local nuances that have to be taken into account.
  8. Differences Between French French and Canadian French

    Sep 18, 2018 · The two main differences between Metropolitan French and Canadian French are pronunciation and vocabulary. French in Canada differs from French in France because of its history and geographic location. Think of French Canadians as French people who have been in North America for a few hundred years.

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    • What is the difference between French - Canadian and Parisian French ?

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      There are lots of differences between the two, the most obvious one being the accent. Compare: Québec: France: Both types of French have...

    • What is the difference between French and Canadian French ?

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      Some vocabulary can be different, like between British and American English: e.g in British English you say "a lorry" but in American English its "truck" It's sometimes the same with French and Canadian French, mainly vocabulary; the...

    • Canadian french and french ?

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      Ben ouai Leo, y a. There's more of a difference than between at least Standard British and Standard American English, maybe more like the difference between Texan and Yorkshire English. Mostly it's pronunciation, specifically intonation...

  9. Sep 18, 2017 · In this video I layout some differences between the words used in Québec (and other regions in Canada that speak French) and in France. Most of my French comes from France French, because I lived ...

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  10. Canadian Culture – Is there a difference between English and ...

    First thing’s first, the difference in language is fairly important. Canada has two official languages, but for the Quebecois French is their first language. And because language is one of the biggest determiners of culture, there is a cultural difference between French Canada and English Canada.