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  2. Adult monarch butterflies are large and conspicuous, with bright orange wings surrounded by a black border and covered with black veins. The black border has a double row of white spots, present on the upper side of the wings. Adult monarchs are sexually dimorphic, with males having narrower wing venation and scent patches. The bright coloring of a monarch serves as a warning to predators that ...

  3. Nov 22, 2019 · Danais plexippus (Linnaeus) Danaus archippus (Fabricius) Danaus menippe (Hübner) International Common Names. English: milkweed, butterfly; monarch, butterfly; wanderer, butterfly; French: monarque; EPPO code. DANAAR (Danaus archippus) DANAME (Danaus menippe) DANAPL (Danaus plexippus)

    • Timothy A. Ebert
    • Adult
    • Annotation Release Information
    • Alignment of The Annotated Proteins to A Set of High-Quality Proteins
    • Masking of Genomic Sequence
    • Transcript and Protein Alignments
    • References

    Annotation release ID: 100 Date of Entrez queries for transcripts and proteins: Feb 24 2020 Date of submission of annotation to the public databases: Feb 27 2020 Software version: 8.3

    Definition of query and target coverage.The query coverage is the percentage of the annotated protein length that is included in the alignment. The target coverage is the percentage of the target length that is included in the alignment. Below is a cumulative graph displaying the number of genes with alignments above a given query or target coverag...

    Transcript and protein alignments are performed on the repeat-masked genome. Below are the percentages of genomic sequence masked by WindowMasker and RepeatMaskerfor each assembly. RepeatMasker results are only used for organisms for which a comprehensive repeat library is available.

    The annotation pipeline relies heavily on alignments of experimental evidence for gene prediction. Below are the sets of transcripts and proteins that were retrieved from Entrez, aligned to the genome by Splign or ProSplign and passed to Gnomon, NCBI's gene prediction software. Depending on the other evidence available, long 454 reads (with average...

    RefSeq: Pruitt KD, Brown GR, Hiatt SM, Thibaud-Nissen F, Astashyn A, Ermolaeva O, Farrell CM, Hart J, Landrum MJ, McGarvey KM, Murphy MR, O'Leary NA, Pujar S, Rajput B, Rangwala SH, Riddick LD, Shk...
    RepeatMasker: Smit AFA, Hubley R, Green P. RepeatMasker Open-3.0. 1996–2004.
    WindowMasker: Morgulis A, Gertz EM, Schäffer AA, Agarwala R. Bioinformatics 2006, 2:134-41
    Splign: Kapustin Y, Souvorov A, Tatusova T, Lipman D. Biology Direct 2008, 3:20
  4. The monarch butterfly ( Danaus plexippus) originates in North America where an eastern and western population undertake extensive migrations. An iconic pollinator, monarchs are of social, ecological, and economic importance and safeguarding their migration requires cooperation across borders and sectors of society.

  5. Phys­i­cal De­scrip­tion. Both male and fe­male mon­archs are bright or­ange with black bor­ders and black veins. The veins on the fe­male are thicker than those of the male. Male mon­archs also have a swollen pouch on both of their hind wings. Mon­archs are poi­so­nous to ver­te­brates.

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