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      • People with linguistic intelligence are skilled writers and speakers. They can understand the languages and words of others more easily, and can learn foreign languages much faster than the average person. They are able to use vocabulary to express themselves clearly and precisely.
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  2. Dec 22, 2021 · If you notice someone who has a solid command of a language, whether spoken or written, they probably have excellent linguistic skills— from its vocabulary to phrases and sentences. A high sense of verbal intelligence is essential for those who want to be good orators, leaders, teachers, writers, and attorneys.

  3. Sep 10, 2021 · They are also good at descriptive language and make excellent storytellers. People with linguistic intelligence are known to: Be skilled at oral and written communication

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  4. Nov 08, 2018 · Linguistic intelligence, also known as verbal intelligence, is one of Gardner’s nine types of intelligence. In his theory of multiple intelligences, Gardner identified linguistic intelligence as the intelligence of words. People with this type of intelligence enjoy reading and writing.

  5. Linguistic intelligence is characterized by a great ability to use language as well as to learn new languages. People who possess this accentuated intelligence have a great deal of ability to express what is on their mind by handling words, speaking fluency, and being good at understanding others. People with a great linguistic intelligence are attracted to words, enjoy reading and poetry.

  6. Linguistic intelligence refers to an enhanced ability of an individual to use one or several languages to convey spoken or written communications to others. People who have a high degree of this type of intelligence usually impart information in a refined manner, sometimes as esoteric as is found with the literary medium of poetry. It presupposes that a writer or speaker has an expansive vocabulary that he or she uses to impart knowledge, and/or to touch and move others.

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