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  1. Who's on Canadian Money? - WorldAtlas

    Apr 25, 2017 · The loonie has become the symbol for the Canadian dollar. The obverse side of the coin features an image of Queen Elizabeth II while the reverse side features the image of a common and popular bird in Canada, the Common Loon.

  2. Canadian dollar - Wikipedia

    The Canadian dollar's value against the U.S. dollar rose sharply in 2007 because of the continued strength of the Canadian economy and the U.S. currency's weakness on world markets. During trading on September 20, 2007, it met the U.S. dollar at parity for the first time since November 25, 1976.

    • CAD
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    • cent, (in English) and sou (colloquial) (in French)
  3. Canadian ten-dollar note - Wikipedia

    The Canadian ten-dollar note is one of the most common banknotes of the Canadian dollar.. The current $10 note is purple, and the obverse features a portrait of Viola Desmond, a Black Nova Scotian businesswoman who challenged racial segregation at a film theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, in 1946.

    • 152.4 mm
    • Polymer
  4. Who Is on the Canadian 100 Dollar Bill? - Reference

    Apr 04, 2020 · The Bank of Canada states that Sir Robert L. Borden, an early 20th century prime minister of Canada, is on the front of the Canadian 100 dollar bill. He was Canada's prime minister from 1911 to 1920.

  5. Canadian Money - The Canada Guide

    Canada’s smallest bill, the $5, is blue and features a portrait of former prime minister Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919), the first French-Canadian to lead Canada. On the reverse, it depicts the Canadarm, a robotic arm that was designed in Canada and used on NASA missions between 1981 and 2011.

  6. CAD - Canadian Dollar rates, news, and tools

    Importance of the Canadian Dollar The Canadian Dollar is the seventh-most traded currency on the Forex market, as many institutions and individuals trade the CAD. People also refer to the CAD as the Loonie, buck, Huard, and Piastre (in French). The Canadian Dollar is held as a reserve currency by a number of central banks.

  7. Canadian one-hundred-dollar note - Wikipedia

    The Canadian one-hundred-dollar note is one of five banknotes of the Canadian dollar.It is the highest-valued and least-circulated of the notes since the $1000 note was gradually removed from circulation starting in 2000.

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  8. Canadian Dollar Forecast 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 - Long ...

    US Dollar to Canadian Dollar forecast for December 2021. In the beginning rate at 1.275 Canadian Dollars. High exchange rate 1.304, low 1.266. The average for the month 1.283. The USD to CAD forecast at the end of the month 1.285, change for December 0.8%. USD to CAD forecast for January 2022. In the beginning rate at 1.285 Canadian Dollars.

  9. Prime Ministers On Canadian Money -

    It's a double trick question! Canada's one dollar is a coin, it's called a Loonie. Queen Elizabeth II is on the face of this coin, not a prime minister or a president. Canadian one dollar coins replaced paper bills in 1987.

  10. She was Canada's Rosa Parks. Now she's the first black person ...

    Mar 13, 2018 · And this month, that woman, Viola Desmond, became the first black person to appear on Canadian currency. She's also the first woman to appear alone who's not a British royal.