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    • How to Make Your Phone a Different Area Code | Techwalla
      • While landline users are usually limited to one area code, cell phone users typically can choose from any area code in the country. Depending on their service provider and number availability, cell phone users may be able to keep their last seven digits of the number and change just the area code.
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  2. As a rule no. You will get a number native to the geographic location where you buy them. Some sellers like the ARRP carrier is somewhat more flexible. BUT, once you have a number you can take them with you most anywhere in the USA.

  3. Beginning April 3, 2021, if you have an 814 area code, you must dial the area code on all calls, including calls within the same area code. On and after this date, if you do not dial the area code + telephone number, your calls will not complete and a recording will instruct you to hang up and dial again, including the area code.

  4. Jul 07, 2004 · Your "cell" phones' area codes match the area code for where you live? Odd. Here in crazy England, mobile phones have their very own area codes (starting with 07) -- the phone isn't tied to an area, after all, so why should it have an area code? posted by reklaw at 4:08 PM on July 7, 2004

  5. In most cases though, you can simply request the area code you want, as long as that area code is within T-Mobile's provided service US service area. Area codes and numbers also can depend on E911 centers. If T-Mobile does not have an E911 center servicing an area, they will not be able to provide service on numbers from that area. View original.

  6. There are probably some companies that you might call that route calls to local offices based on your area code. Also, this may not apply to you, but companies calling you with automated systems may call at an inappropriate time if your area code is in a different time zone than where you live. Felix on March 2010. 0.

  7. Well if AT&T doesn't have any numbers in that area code then they can't give you one. I don't suppose the rep made that up to torture you. In some area codes numbers are very scarce. Just like it's pretty much impossible to get a number in the 212 area code.

  8. To find information on a specific area code, use the area code lookup that makes it easy to find an area code by number and gives detailed information including city/state, timezone, and area code maps. If you are looking for the area code for a particular city, you can search area codes by city using our area code finder.

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