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  1. Sep 20, 2019 · Whitepages searches over 260 million phone numbers to help you identify who may be calling. You can simply type the phone number into the Reverse Phone search box. If the number is included in Public Records, you will be able to learn the owner’s name and other details.

  2. May 09, 2022 · Type 800 number for company, substituting the name of the business you're looking for the word "company", and sometimes you'll get lucky. Contact us: This is often a very successful method of finding contact information. Type "contact us" (yes, in quotes) plus the name of the company (e.g., "contact us" microsoft ). Find Cell Phone Numbers Online

  3. There are a number of toll-free directories online with 1-800 extension although you can use any search engine from Google, Bing to Yahoo to track down toll-free numbers. You can type ‘800’, substitute the name of the business with ‘company’ and see what comes up.

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    How to reverse lookup a phone number for free?

    How can I find a phone number for free?

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    Can You lookup cell phone numbers for free?

    • Look up home phone numbers for free on the website Addresses (see link in Resources). Simply enter the address of the individual you want to trace to get his phone number.
    • Look up a person's home phone number using the website Search People Directory (see Resources). When the webpage opens, input the address of the person into the given fields to retrieve the residential phone number.
    • Find a person's home phone number on the website AnyWho (see Resources). This website lets you search a phone number using the person's name. Enter the full name of the person into the given fields and select his city or state to get the home phone number.
    • People Search Engines: Best for Reverse Phone Lookups. Best way to track the owner of a number. Find cell number by name, or vice versa. Includes lots of other identifiable information.
    • Social Media: Track a Number and Other Personal Information. One-stop source for lots of other detail about the person. Ideal for cell phone tracking because of the massive user base.
    • Web Search Engine: Find Cell Phone Numbers Across Multiple Sites. Mobile phone search is performed across multiple sites at once. Lets you add accompanying data for better results.
    • Use a Site Built for Finding Cell Phone Number Information. They focus solely on finding phone numbers. Very straightforward and easy to use.
  5. Jul 19, 2022 · You can look up 30 numbers per day for free. Go to in a web browser. Click Phone at the top of the page to go to the Reverse Phone Lookup page. Enter a mobile or landline phone number, starting with the area code. Click Search to find all available information. 2 Find the owner of any number in the world at ZLOOKUP.

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