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  1. List of Chinese administrative divisions by GDP - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Chinese

    The article lists China's province-level divisions by gross domestic product (GDP). Each province's GDP is listed in both the national currency renminbi (CN¥), and at nominal U.S. dollar values according to annual average exchange rates and according to purchasing power parity (PPP).

  2. How China's GDP Is Calculated - Investopedia › articles › investing

    Nov 25, 2020 · China’s GDP History . The need for a clear description and a reliable measurement of economic activity led the National Bureau of Statistics of China (NBS) to design a system of GDP estimation ...

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  4. The number one province, Guangdong, takes the 13th spot in the world by GDP, a position which surpasses that of Australia. Let's take a look at China's top 10 provincial regions with the best ...

  5. Comparison between Chinese provinces and sovereign states by ... › wiki › Comparison_between_Chinese

    This is a comparison between Chinese provinces and sovereign states' Real Gross Domestic Product based on International Monetary Fund and National Bureau of Statistics of China data. Many of Chinese provinces have large gross domestic product (called gross regional product ) which would rank highly on a list of countries world GDP.

  6. List of Chinese administrative divisions by GDP per capita ... › wiki › List_of_Chinese

    GDP 1952-1977 figures: NBS GDP DATA – Revisions of China GDP 1952-1977 by province-level divisions References Edit ^ GDP-2019 is a preliminary data, and GDP-2018 is a revision based on the 2018 CASEN: "Home - Regional - Quarterly by Province" (Press release).

  7. China’s Provinces Aim for GDP Growth of at Least 6% in 2021 › 2021/01/27 › chinas-provinces

    Jan 27, 2021 · (Bloomberg) — China’s provinces are targeting economic growth of at least 6% this year, with Hubei, the center of the coronavirus outbreak last year, expecting to hit double digits. At least 12 provinces and cities have set economic targets for 2021 so far at their regional congresses, with the goals ranging from about 6% to above 10%.

  8. China's Provincial GDP for 2018 | › 2019 › 03

    Mar 12, 2019 · China’s National Bureau of Statistics has released GDP for each province for 2018. The provinces that are as rich as Guangdong and above the World Bank per capita $12,055 GNI per capita level to count as high income. The World Bank High income provinces had 343 million people in 2018 which 25% of the total population.

  9. Many of China's provinces cut 2020 GDP growth targets despite ... › article › us-china-economy-gdp

    BEIJING, Jan 22 (Reuters) - About two-thirds of China’s provinces, regions and municipalities have cut their 2020 growth targets from last year, despite easing trade tensions with the United States.

  10. China Quietly Releases 2017 Provincial GDP Figures › sites › salvatorebabones

    Feb 12, 2018 · China's largest province, southeastern Guangdong, reported 10.2% growth to bring its GDP per capita to nearly $13,000. That's still far below the level of neighboring Hong Kong ($44,000), but ...

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