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    There is a rich Finland-Swedish literature, including authors such as Tove Jansson, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Edith Södergran and Zacharias Topelius. Runeberg is considered Finland's national poet and wrote the national anthem, "Vårt land", which was only later translated to Finnish. English. The English language is spoken by most Finns.

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    The first known written example of Finnish itself is found in a German travel journal dating back to c.1450: Mÿnna tachton gernast spuho sommen gelen Emÿna daÿda (Modern Finnish: "Minä tahdon kernaasti puhua suomen kielen, [mutta] en minä taida;" English: "I want to speak Finnish, [but] I am not able to").

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    It is possible to write to Finland in English; however, the response might be more favorable if written in either Finnish or Swedish, the languages of the country. This guide explains the procedure for writing to:

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    • Finnish did not originate with the Finns. The roots of the Finnish language are not the same as those of the Finnish people. Finns are believed to originate from what is now Turkey, while Finnish is a Uralic language, which comes from the Ural Mountains in Russia.
    • The oldest piece of written Finnish is a spell. Some Finnish words still in use today date back 4,000 years. It’s unclear where and when the written version of the language came from, but the oldest known piece of written Finnish dates from around the mid-1200s and was found in Novgorod, which is now Russia.
    • The Finnish alphabet isn’t Finnish. Finland’s alphabet consists of 29 letters. As well as the standard Roman alphabet (the same one used by English), it adds ‘Å’ and ‘Ö’ from the Swedish alphabet and ‘Ä’ (pronounced ‘ahh’ as in ‘apple’).
    • Finnish literature was popularised by one man. The first novel written and published in Finnish is believed to be Aleksis Kivi’s Seven Brothers (or Seitsemän Veljestä in the original Finnish) in 1870.
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    The first written documents in Finnish were created by bishop Mikael Agricola who wrote an alphabet book in 1542 and a catechism in 1544. Agricola’s writing system was based on Swedish, at the time the official language of Finland, as well as on German, and Latin. This writing system was revised over time.

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Finnish (Finnish: Suomen kieli) is a Uralic language. It is one of the two official languages of Finland. It is also an official minority language in Sweden.

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    A Swedish-speaking Finn, Tove Jansson (1914–2001) is primarily known as the creator of the imaginary Moomin characters, which she wrote about and illustrated in novels and comic strips. Books such as Tales from Moominvalley and Comet in Moominland continue to enjoy worldwide success among audiences of all ages.

    • Tove Jansson: Tales from Moominvalley
      Tove Jansson: Tales from Moominvalley
      A Swedish-speaking Finn, Tove Jansson (1914–2001) is primarily known as the creator of the imaginary Moomin characters, which she wrote about and illustrated in novels and comic strips.
    • Elias Lönnrot: Kalevala
      Elias Lönnrot: Kalevala
      Originally a rural physician, Elias Lönnrot (1802–1884) took advantage of time spent in Kainuu, northeastern Finland, by collecting Finnish poems sung in popular oral tradition.
    • Mika Waltari: The Egyptian
      Mika Waltari: The Egyptian
      One of Finland’s most renowned writers, Mika Waltari (1908–1979) created novels, poems, plays and screenplays. After the publication of his first novel, and inspired by a visit to Paris in the late 1920s, he published many thrillers.
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    In Finnish: Joka vanhoja muistelee, sitä tikulla silmään. There is no use to dwell on the past and hold a grudge. A similar English expression could be “That’s water under the bridge”. #9 The pot blames the kettle, yet both have a black side. In Finnish: Pata kattilaa soimaa, musta kylki kummallakin.

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