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    Finnish is the language of the majority, 87.3% of the population in 2019. It is a Finnic language closely related to Estonian and less closely to the Sami languages.The Finnic languages belong to the Uralic language family, so Finnish is distantly related to languages as diverse as Hungarian (an Ugric language) and Nenets (a Samoyedic language) in Siberia.

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    The Kven language, which like Meänkieli is mutually intelligible with Finnish, is spoken in Norway's Finnmark by a minority group of Finnish descent. Finnish is typologically agglutinative [4] and uses almost exclusively suffixal affixation .

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    Finnish (Finnish: Suomen kieli) is a Uralic language. It is one of the two official languages of Finland. It is also an official minority language in Sweden. Finnish is one of the four national languages of Europe that is not an Indo-European language. The other three are Estonian and Hungarian, which are also Uralic languages, and Basque

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    The vast majority of Finland’s municipalities, and almost all of the inland municipalities, are officially Finnish speaking. Municipalities where Swedish is recognized either as minority or majority language are located along the Western coast (mainly in Österbotten), and along the southern coasts of Mainland Finland.

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    Finnish is statutory national language of Finland. It is spoken by a majority of Finland’s population. Finnish is also recognized as a minority language in Sweden and Norway. It is one of the official languages of the European Union. Dialects

  6. 13 Fascinating Things To Know About the Finnish Language

    Most of these speakers live in Finland, where around 90 percent of the population speaks Finnish as a first language. It is also an official minority language in Karelian-Russia, parts of Sweden, and the far north of Norway. There are also a few small Finnish speaking communities in the USA and Canada, consisting mostly of Finnish immigrants.

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    Sweden-Finns, however (this article), refers rather to Finnish-speaking Finns in Sweden, since Swedish authorities connect the rights of this national minority with the usage of the Finnish language. Using a wider definition, people of Finnish origin, regardless of language, may be Sweden Finns (in the sense of Finnish nationals in Sweden).

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    In 1999, the Minority Language Committee of Sweden formally declared five official minority languages: Finnish, Sami, Romani, Yiddish, and Meänkieli (Tornedal Finnish). The Swedish language dominates commercial and cultural life in Sweden but did not officially become the country's main language until 2009, when a new language law entered into ...

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