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    Mammal skins provide leather for shoes, clothing and upholstery. Wool from mammals including sheep, goats and alpacas has been used for centuries for clothing. [255] [256] Mammals serve a major role in science as experimental animals , both in fundamental biological research, such as in genetics, [257] and in the development of new medicines ...

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    Description. Cronopio is known from the holotype MPCA PV 454, a partial skull which is missing the skull roof, basicranium and squamosals and from the referred specimens MPCA PV 450, a partial left lower jaw with damaged teeth and MPCA PV 453, an incomplete skull with a relatively complete right lower jaw missing some teeth.

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    The vast majority of mammal species give birth to live young, these are the placental mammals, most of which are classified as Eutheria and a small number are classified as marsupials. Marsupials are mammals with pouches to carry young in, like the kangaroo.

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