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    The Troms County Municipality was the governing body for the county, elected by the people of Troms, while the Troms county governor was a representative of the King and Government of Norway. The county had a population of 161,771 in 2014.

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      Until 1919, the county was formerly known as Tromsø amt. On...

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      Troms, when it existed, was located in the northern part of...

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      Moose, red fox, hare, stoat, and small rodents are common in...

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      The city of Tromsø, in the north central part, was the...

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  3. Tromsø - Wikipediaø

    One theory holds "Troms-" to derive from the old (uncompounded) name of the island (Old Norse: Trums). Several islands and rivers in Norway have the name Tromsa , and the names of these are probably derived from the word straumr which means "(strong) current".

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    Troms og Finnmark is a county in northern Norway that was established on 1 January 2020 as the result of a regional reform. It is the largest county by area in Norway, encompassing about 75,000 square kilometres. It was formed by the merger of the former Finnmark and Troms counties plus Tjeldsund Municipality from Nordland county. The administrative centre of the county is split between two towns. The political and administrative offices are based in city of Tromsø. The county governor is based

    Troms og Finnmark is the northernmost and easternmost county in Norway. By area, it is Norway's largest county, and also one of the least populated of all Norwegian counties. Knivskjellodden in Nordkapp Municipality sometimes considered the northernmost point of Europe; Kinnarodden on Nordkinn Peninsula in Lebesby Municipality is the northernmost point on the European mainland. Honningsvåg in Finnmark claims to be the northernmost city of the world, and Vardø is the easternmost town in ...

    The county is situated in the Aurora Borealis zone, and because of the dry climate with frequent clear skies, Alta Municipality was early chosen as a location for the study of this strange light phenomenon. For this reason, Alta is sometimes referred to as the city of the norther

    People have lived in this area for at least 10,000 years, and there are prehistoric rock carvings at several locations. These people made their living from hunting, fishing and gathering.The destiny of these early cultures is unknown. Three ethnic groups have a long history in the area: the Sami people, the Norwegian people, and the Kven people. Of these, the Sami probably were the first people to explore what is now Troms og Finnmark. Ohthere of Hålogaland was an adventurous Norwegian ...

    A county is the chief local administrative area in Norway. The whole country is divided into 11 counties. A county is also an election area, with popular votes taking place every 4 years. In Troms og Finnmark, the government of the county is the Troms og Finnmark County Municipality. It includes 57 members who are elected to form a county council. Heading the Fylkesting is the county mayor. Since 2020, the Troms og Finnmark County Municipality has been led by Jon Askeland, the county mayor. The

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  5. Tromsø (city) - Wikipediaø_(city)

    The city is the administrative centre of the municipality as well as the administrative centre of Troms county. The Diocese of Nord-Hålogaland and its Bishop are based at the Tromsø Cathedral in the city. The city is located on the island of Tromsøya which sits in the Tromsøysundet strait, just off the mainland of Northern Norway.

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    Troms (help·info) or Romsa (Sami leid) is a coonty in North Norawa, borderin Finnmark tae the northeast an Nordland in the soothwast. To the sooth is Norrbotten Län in Swaden an further sootheast is a shorter border wi the region o Lapland in Finland. Tae the wast is the Norse Sea (Atlantic Ocean).

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    Troms (nordsamisk: Romsa; kvensk: Tromssa) er et landskap, valgkrets til stortingsvalg, lagsogn, og tidligere fylke i Nord-Norge som fra 2020 er en del av det sammenslåtte Troms og Finnmark fylke. Troms ligger mellom Nordland i sør og Finnmark i nordøst, og er det nest nordligste landskapet i Norge.

  8. Tromsø IL - Wikipediaø_IL

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Tromsø Idrettslag is a Norwegian professional football club founded in 1920, based in the city of Tromsø. They play their home games at Alfheim Stadion. Tromsø play in the 1. divisjon.

  9. Tromsø Airport, Langnes - Wikipediaø_Airport

    Tromsø became and still is the main hub for Widerøe 's regional flights to Finnmark. Main haul flights to other primary airports were carried out by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). Braathens SAFE and its Busy Bee subsidiary operated from Tromsø from 1967 to 2002.

  10. Troms fylke – Wikipedia

    Troms fylke hade 24 kommuner. Fylkeskommunens och fylkesmannens administration ligger i Tromsø som också är utbildningscentrum med universitet och högskolor. Stortinget beslutade att Troms fylke skulle slås samman med Finnmark fylke till storfylket Troms och Finnmark. På samiska blir namnet Dávvin, som betyder längst upp i nord.

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