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  1. Scottish Gaelic and Manx are its closest relatives, having evolved from Old Irish and retaining a degree of mutual intelligibility and sharing several grammar traits. Next in line are the remaining Celtic languages — Welsh, Cornish and Breton. Quora User Knows Irish Author has 1.4K answers and 1.3M answer views Updated 3 y Related

  2. Irish ( Standard Irish: Gaeilge ), also known as Gaelic, [6] [7] [8] is a Goidelic language of the Insular Celtic branch of the Celtic language family, which is a part of the Indo-European language family. [7] [1] [3] [9] [6] Irish is indigenous to the island of Ireland [10] and was the population's first language until the 19th century, when ...

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  4. Irish Sign Language (ISL) is the sign language of most of Ireland. It has little relation to either spoken Irish or English, and is more closely related to French Sign Language (LSF). Northern Ireland Sign Language is used in Northern Ireland, and is related to both ISL and BSL in various ways. ISL is also used in Northern Ireland.

    • French (20%), German (7%), Spanish (3.7%)
    • Irish or British QWERTY
    • Official Languages of Ireland
    • Other Languages of Ireland
    • Benefits of Multilingualism

    Irish Gaelic is constitutionally recognized as the first official language of the Republic of Ireland. It is one of the oldest written languages in the world. Around 30 percent of the country’s population speak Irish and up to 5 percent use it regularly at home and with interactions with their peers. Also known as Erse or Gaelic, it is among the Go...

    Due to immigration and the influx of residents born outside of Ireland in recent years, there are now around 182 languages aside from English and Irish that are spoken in homes in the country according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The highest percentage of non-English speakers live in Fingal, located in North Dublin. Lithuanian, French, ...

    Ireland’s increasing levels of multiculturalism and notable multilingualism are seen as beneficial since it is believed to be a strong driving force that will hopefully increase Ireland’s international trade. While English has served to Ireland’s advantage, many companies are looking to penetrate more diverse markets abroad. Having a workforce with...

  5. Irish is more conservative, as it was on the periphery of celtic speakers and has as a big example not the p innovation. So Welsh is closer to Gaulic, Irish to the old proto language of the celts. 8 310 Posted by 3 days ago Many rare and endangered languages are expected to become dormant or extinct in the near future.

  6. Mar 07, 2017 · The bigger members English and German each keep to themselves. Dutch leans towards the German side, Frisian to the English side. Up north, the smaller Nordic languages cluster in close proximity;...

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