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  2. The Gallo-Romance group includes: The langues d'oïl include French, Orleanais, Gallo, Angevin, Tourangeau, Saintongeais, Poitevin, Bourguignon, Picard, Walloon, Lorrain and Norman. [10] Franco-Provençal in east-central France, western Switzerland and the Aosta Valley region of northwestern Italy.

  3. Generally, the Gallo-Romance languages (discussed further below) form the core "innovatory" languages, with standard French generally considered the most innovatory of all, while the languages near the periphery (which include Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian) are "conservative".

  4. The Gallo-Romance are a branch of Romance languages. It includes French and several other languages spoken in modern France and northern Italy and Spain. According to some linguists, it also includes Occitan and Catalan. Others group biyhy together as a separate Occitano-Romance branch or place Catalan within the Ibero-Romance group.

  5. the dark blue is rhaeto-romance (including romansh, the oft-forgotten fourth language of switzerland) a set of three languages whose status as gallo-romance is hotly contested, in fact their status as a group at all is contested not shown on the map aragonese: a weird language spoken in northeastern aragon caught between occitano-romance & spanish

  6. Dec 13, 2022 · These are occasionally considered a part of Gallo-Romance languages, as they share many common features. Rhaeto-Romance languages include Romansh, Friulian and Ladin. Eastern Romance. These comprise Romanian, Moldovan, Aromanian, Istro-Romanian, Dalmation and Istriot. Did you know that there is a special category of Romance languages called ...

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