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      • Dante uses Ebony & Ivory for three special attacks. The first "E & I" deals up to four light physical hits on a single target. The second "Bullet-Time" (renamed to "Twosome Time" in the HD Remaster) deals moderate physical damage to all enemies and cannot be dodged.
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  2. Dante fights with Nero and initially retains the upper hand while still holding back until Nero reveals his Devil Bringer and overpowers Dante narrowly, ending with him hurling and stabbing Rebellion into Dante's chest. Easily surviving, Dante praises Nero for his performance, even openly saying he has rarely met an opponent like him.

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    Dante is the son of the demon known as the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda, and the human, Eva. He is the younger brother of the corrupted Vergil. He is a paranormal mercenary, private investigator, and vigilante Devil Hunter dedicated to exterminating evil demons and other malevolent supernatural forces, operating in his shop known as "Devil May Cry."

    Superhuman Strength
    Superhuman Speed and Agility
    Superhuman Durability
    Superhuman Stamina
    Rebellion: Dante's signature broadsword, given to him by his father. It serves as a manifestation of his power and spirit. He can perform several techniques with it:
    Sword of Sparda: A very strong demon sword, but it restricts him from using his Devil Trigger. Dante can use the same techniques with it as with Rebellion, except for two:
    Alastor: An electric sword that can unlock Dante's power. It grants him lightning speed and aerial capability. It shares most of its techniques with the other swords, but it also has some special o...
    Ebony & Ivory:A pair of customized semi-automatic pistols with a seemingly endless amount of ammunition.

    Devil Trigger

    In this form, Dante accesses his true demon powers. His appearance in this form varies depending on the weapon he's using. He gains a huge power, speed and defense boost, along with an improved version of his healing factor. He can gain more buffs by equipping different Devil Hearts to his Amulet: 1. Aerial Heart:This heart allows Dante to fly. 2. Quick Heart:Greatly improves Dante's speed. 3. Flame Heart:Gives Dante's attacks the flame attribute. 4. Frost Heart:Gives Dante's attacks the ice...

    Majin Form

    Only achieved in near-death situations, this form substitutes Dante's Devil Trigger, giving him full invulnerability and the ability to fly.

    Sin Devil Trigger

    By stabbing himself in the chest with Rebellion, Dante was able to absorb both it and the Sparda sword into his body, giving him access to the Sin Devil Trigger. This is an upgraded form of Devil Trigger that transforms Dante into something resembling his Majin Form, causing him to take on a much more bestial and demonic appearance. He also gains two pairs of wings that allow him to fly. In this form, Dante is said to be even stronger than Sparda.


    1. Caused an island-wide explosion by killing Mundususing the true power of DT Ebony & Ivory. 2. Destroyed a large concrete pillar with a single punch using Gilgamesh. 3. Destroyed all of Mundus' huge forms. 4. Casually destroyed a wall by throwing Nerowith a flick of his wrist. 5. Casually blocked a punch from Savior, who probably weights several tens of thousands of tons. 6. Overpowered Nero. 7. Can cut through Cerebus' ice and throw him at the end of the ice chamber. 8. Would have cut Verg...


    1. Dodged a point-blank rocket being fired by Lady's Kalina Ann. 2. Fought dozens of enemies simultaneously while falling off a tower. 3. Split bullets in two while in midair. 4. Can shoot bullets out of the air. 5. Can make a motorcycle reach supersonic speeds. 6. His clash with Vergil caused the destruction of a wide area of raindrops. 7. Was able to react to a missile and hop onto it effortlessly. 8. Casually dodge and effortlessly blitz the Seven Sin sloth at rapid speeds with his Rebelli...


    1. Casually shrugs off impalement very often. 2. Survived being shot point-blank with a gun. 3. Barely fazed when hit by meteors. 4. Capable of resisting Berial's attacks, which can destroy towns with ease. 5. Resisted getting his soul sucked out. 6. Barely bothered by the flames nor the temperature of Berial the Conqueror's fire hell, in which are hellfire. 7. Survives being cut by Vergil's Yamato and impaled by his own sword despite, even in his weaker state. 8. Survives being impaled throu...

    Arrogant and Cocky: Due in large part to his significant healing factor, as well as his skills, Dante tends to be very cocky in situations and this has been used against him by some of his more cle...
    Fatigue:Dante is prone to fatigue if he is in a prolonged battle against enemies that are more powerful than him or of equal strength. This in turn makes Dante's healing factor work overtime, which...

    He is named after Dante Alighieri, writer of the Divine Comedy, an epic poem heavily focused on the afterlife and Hell.

    • 6'4" in DMC IV and 6'0 in DMC V
    • Male
    • Devil May Cry
    • 200 lbs
  3. Dante has a massive amount of command normals and special attacks, more so than any other character in the entire series. Dante's moveset gives him a powerful rushdown game with lots of combos, crossups, mixups and pressure, making him a character that excels well in literally any field as a souped-up Jack-of-All-Trades character, with average health and damage output to date.

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    Dante is a young boy of average height. He has green eyes, cropped blonde hair with a blue, horn-shaped highlight on each side of his temple, and bronze colored, short eyebrows. Dante also has a red and yellow marking on both cheeks under his eyes. In Rise, Dante sports a white collared shirt with a red tie, a red fingerless glove for his left hand, teal baggy pants with light-blue suspenders hanging on the sides, white dress shoes, and a blue jacket with three lime stripes on each side, yellow sections on the sleeves and wrist collar, and a red "D" on the left jacket flap. In Surge, Dante now wears a yellow collared shirt, the yellow sections on his jacket are now white, the wrist collar and bottom border are now white with a dark-blue stripe, the left flap now has two "D"s joined together and the right flap now has a printed red Beyblade symbol, his teal baggy pants now have a vertical white stripe on each leg, and he retains his white shoes and red glove. When Dante resonates wit...

    Dante is an optimistic, passionate, easy-going and earnest Blader. When Dante first saw Sword Valtryekdefeat him with its golden aura, he was surprised and excited and it inspired him to make his own Gamma Bey. As shown several times throughout the season, Dante has a habit of making scary faces when nervous. He also has a bad habit of accidentally revealing his strategies to his opponents. He can also be quite over-confident if excited after winning a battle. Dante is very resilient and will keep on battling the same opponent until he takes them down. And just like Valt, Aiger, Lui, Phi, Delta, and Arman, Dante has a habit of talking to his bey, and has shown to have some form of resonance with his bey.


    Once a member of the Spanish team BC Sol, the same team as Valt Aoi, he becomes inspired by the strength of Valt's new bey, Sword Valtryek, and decides to get a Gamma bey of his own. Dante moves to Japan and joins the Victories, a team managed by his uncle.

    Dante is first seen at BC Sol when Valt showed both him and Delta Zakuro his new gamma bey Sword Valtryek. He immediately faced Valt in a bey battle and became inspired upon seeing his and Valtryek's Hyper-Flux. He later traveled to Japan for special bey training alongside his new gamma bey Ace Dragon, which he designed himself, with his parents arranging for him to stay with his Uncle. Shortly after arriving he witnessed a bully attempting to steal Bushin Ashindra from Taka Kusaba and scared...

    Air Knight Vertical Volcanic: Dante's Bey in Beyblade Burst Riseprior to the series.
    Ace Dragon Sting Charge Zan: Dante's primary Beyblade in Attack Mode in Beyblade Burst Rise until the Dragon Gatinko Chip, the Zan Layer Weight, and the base itself were destroyed by Arthur Peregri...
    Glyph Dragon Sting Charge Zan: Dante’s primary Beyblade in Stamina Mode in Burst Rise until the Dragon Gatinko Chip and the Zan Layer Weight were destroyed by Arthur Peregrine.
    Rock Dragon Sting Charge Zan: Dante’s primary Beyblade in Defense Mode in Burst Rise until the Dragon Gatinko Chip and the Zan Layer Weight were destroyed by Arthur Peregrine.

    Dante Koryu is a kind Blader with a cheery personality and a strong sense of justice. But, when he gets nervous, his intense expression can scare off those around him. He learned to Blade from his mentor, Valt Aoi, during his time at BC Sol. After witnessing Valt’s Valtryek achieve Hyper-Flux, the ultimate state of a Bey, Dante decides to set off on his own adventure to help his Bey, Dragon, discover its full potential.

    This Blading legend is a huge goofball who just happens to be a natural Blading genius. Inspired by Valt Aoi, Dante began his Beyblade journey at BC Sol. Kind and cheerful, he’s the kind of Blader to charge headfirst into anything without holding back. His ignorance of the concept of personal space might surprise some at first, but it’s just one part of his talent for making friends.

    1. Episode 01 - Ace Dragon! On The Rise! 2. Episode 02 - Abracadabra! Wizard Fafnir! 3. Episode 03 - Dragon vs. Fafnir! 4. Episode 04 - Inspiration! Challenging Valt! 5. Episode 05 - All-In! Judgement Joker! 6. Episode 06 - The Final Hand! 7. Episode 07 - Bey Carnival! Epic Final! 8. Episode 08 - Dante vs. Delta! 9. Episode 09 - Flying High! Harmony Pegasus! 10. Episode 10 - Flash of Light! Shining Crux! 11. Episode 11 - Battle in The Skies! 12. Episode 12 - Spin! Advance! Survive! 13. Episod...

    1. Episode 09 - Is This a Dream?! Or Is It a Nightmare?! 2. Episode 10 - Rise to Victory! Triumph Dragon! 3. Episode 11 - The Great Revolution! Legend Festival! 4. Episode 12 - Hyuga and Lain vs. Hikaru and Aiger! 5. Episode 13 - A True Hero! Tag Battle Style! 6. Episode 14 - Gotta Win! Going All-Out! 7. Episode 16 - Grand Finale! Valt vs. Lain! 8. Episode 17 - Spirit of Fire! World Spryzen! 9. Episode 18 - Counterattack! Lucius Endbringer!(Image) 10. Episode 19 - Tag-Team! Ultimate Partner!...

    In Rise, Dante was Valt's student at BC Sol along with Delta Zakuro. After seeing Valt's Sword Valtryek activate Hyper-Flux in Episode 01 of Rise, it inspired Dante to achieve Hyper-Flux also.

    The spirit inside Dragon encourages Dante to battles and become the strongest Blader.

    Dante and Arman are good friends. They often train together, though sometimes they argue.

    "Yo! Y'know, I really don't like how you're talking to him!" - to Ken when he and another Blader mocked and belittled Taka in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 01.
    "That's unforgivable, seriously unforgivable! I'm gonna win, I won't stand by and let you destroy our club!" - to Fumiya Kindo after saying he was only battling him to crush the Victories in Beybla...
    "You guys hear that? I'm a hero! They actually called me a hero!" - to the Victories after watching a news broadcast about him for the tenth time in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 19.
    "I'm gonna show his highness who he's messin' with!" - to Arman when he was being taken away from Arthur in Beyblade Burst Rise - Episode 18.
    As revealed by Beyblade Burstcreator, Hiro Morita, Dante's character theme is friendship.
    Dante's blood type is B.
    Dante's Zodiac is a Libra.
    Dante is the second Beyblade protagonist after Tyson Grangerto use a Beyblade with a dragon motif.
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    Ebony & Ivory are Dante's trademark pair of personally customized,[1] semi-automatic pistols, designed to rapidly fire bullets instilled with his demonic power,[2][3][4] and are one of the several fire arms to appear in every Devil May Cry game series. The right-handed white gun, Ivory, was custom built for rapid firing and fast draw times,[5] while the left-handed black gun, Ebony, has been modified for long-distance targeting and comfort.[6] In Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, upgrading it raises its max firepower.[7] The inward-facing side of each weapon's slide (Ebony's right and Ivory's left) is engraved with \\"Ebony & Ivory\\" in a cursive script along with the unique design of piano keys, further alluding to its name. The outward facing sides (Ebony's left and Ivory's right) are engraved with a dedication to Dante which is explained in Devil May Cry Volume 1 to be from Nell Goldstein:

    Ebony & Ivory are both M1911-style handguns chambered for the .45 ACP round, and boast a plethora of customized features: In addition, several customized features are inconsistent between the various games:

    Oddly enough, this engraving also appears on the Luce & Ombra, a similar set of pistols belonging to Dante's father and used by Trish which the Ebony & Ivory are modeled after.

    In most entries, Ebony and Ivory have the lowest damage output but provides the highest fire rate and mobility out of any firearm. They primarily serve to juggle enemies and extend combos if an enemy is out of melee range. Ebony and Ivory temporarily slow Dante's descent, and when used in tandem with their juggling abilities, can allow the player to reposition themselves.

    In Devil May Cry, Dante will fire charged bullets while in Devil Trigger mode, and can also manually charge them by holding the shoot button for a short time: this will allow a short period of firing charged shots without using the DT gauge. Using Charge Shots will somewhat lower the speed and accuracy. The Charge Shot or DT shot will take on the qualities of Dante's equipped Devil Arm, crackling with electricity for Alastor, and trailing fire for Ifrit. Charged shots and DT shots have a huge effect on the Style rank and it is possible to get up to S style through gunfire alone. They also have increased impact and can knock enemies down or high into the air.

    In Devil May Cry 2, Ebony and Ivory can no longer be charged. This marks the first appearance of Twosome Time, where if correctly positioned, Dante will shoot Ivory in another direction if an enemy is nearby. Devil May Cry 2 also introduced Rain Storm, by shooting right after pressing the jump button, Dante will flip upside down and fire on enemies below.

    In addition, Devil May Cry 5 is the first game to have mechanics acknowledging the different builds of the two guns. This only occurs in Gunslinger mode: while in this mode, pressing the normal shoot button will fire three-round bursts from Ivory, while the Style button fires high-powered single shots from Ebony which have a strong stagger effect on enemies. When charged, Ivory's shots will pierce through multiple enemies, while Ebony's bullets will explode on impact.

    Entering Twosome Time is done by pressing one gun's fire button and the other quickly, then repeatedly pressing the second button. Dante will fire the first gun straight ahead, while the movement stick can be used to aim the other in the four cardinal directions. Honeycomb Fire is no longer tied to Twosome Time, instead performed by a back-to-forward input.

    Dante uses the Ebony & Ivory during the passive skill \\"Rapid Shot\\", this skill increases his Phys hit rate by +20%. It changes the Regular Attacks to the following: Inflicts Phys damage 5 times (Power: 20) on a single target with a 25% Crit Rate, then enters a state of Might. During this state, Million Stab will have Phys Peirce.

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