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    The full official name pound sterling (plural: pounds sterling), is used mainly in formal contexts and also when it is necessary to distinguish the United Kingdom currency from other currencies with the same name. Otherwise the term pound is normally used.

  2. The pound sterling (GBP; £ or ₤), also called just the pound, is the official currency used in the United Kingdom. It is also used in British overseas territories, Isle of Man, Bailiwicks of Guernsey and Jersey. The pound is divided into 100 pence. Today's coins are 1 penny, 2 pence, 5 pence, 10 pence, 20 pence, 50 pence, £1 and £2.

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    The pound or pound-mass is a unit of mass used in the imperial, United States customary and other systems of measurement. Various definitions have been used; the most common today is the international avoirdupois pound, which is legally defined as exactly 0.453 592 37 kilograms, and which is divided into 16 avoirdupois ounces.

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    Sterling (marque), a British automobile brand, sold in the U.S. from 1987 to 1991; Sterling Optical; Sterling Plumbing, a brand of products from Kohler Co. Sterling Publishing, a publisher of nonfiction books; Sterling Software, a (now defunct) company co-founded by Sterling Williams; Sterling Sports Cars, an American automobile kit company

  7. Pound sterling (£) atau pounds saja adalah mata uang Britania Raya. Selain di Britania Raya, Pound sterling juga digunakan di Kepulauan Falkland, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, Kepulauan Falkland, dan lain-lain. Mata uang Pound sterling adalah mata uang tertua di dunia yang telah ada dan tidak berubah sejak 600 tahun terakhir.

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    Raheem Shaquille Sterling (born 8 December 1994) is a professional footballer who plays as a winger and attacking midfielder for Premier League club Manchester City and the England national team. Born in Jamaica, Sterling moved to London at the age of five and began his career at Queens Park Rangers before signing for Liverpool in 2010.

    • 8 December 1994 (age 25)
    • 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
    • Raheem Shaquille Sterling
    • Kingston, Jamaica