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  1. How To Get Ripped Abs Doing Sit-ups & Crunches Correctly

    Free ab video shows you how to get ripped six pack abs by doing situps and crunches correctly. The best way to do sit-ups to build ripped abs. ... those ripped abs I ...

    • situps for abs ?

      1 answer

      OK... crunches are better and if you do 100 of them a day with a balanced diet then u will c affects in 2 months but if u eat junk then never. sit ups do reduce belly fat but not if you eat a lot.

    • What form of situps are best for the abs ?

      2 answers

      The absolute best way to work out the abdominal muscles is to perform the laying down bicycle exercise in which you lay down on your back, put your hands on your head, lift your right knee to the left elbow, left knee to the right elbow and...

    • Wat r better to do?? Crunches or Situps ?? for ab workout...10 points for...

      6 answers

      CRunches will target your abs very effectively, (they are the best for that) but sit-ups work a broader range of motion so it tones more muscles. Most people cant do sit ups effectively so crunches are very popular. Have you ever seen a guy...

  2. The best types of situps work the abdominals without causing ... Lift your shoulders away from the ball and contract the abs. Lower your body back down to complete ...

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  3. No More Sit-Ups: 7 Best TRX Moves to Work Your Abs

    Sit-ups aren't the only way to strengthen your core. This TRX ab workout has seven TRX exercises designed to challenge your abs and core stability.

  4. Want great abs? Desperate for a six ... The Great Abs Mistake - Crunches And Situps And Still No Abs. Want great abs? ... a woman's body is her best accessory.

  5. The 6 Best Exercises for Six-pack Abs -

    The 6 Best Exercises for Six-pack Abs This link opens in a new window; This ... Here’s the truth: Endless crunches and situps are not the secret to six-pack abs.

  6. Why Sit-Ups Won't Get You a Flat Stomach - US News Health

    I am often asked if doing situps or crunches will get people the toned six-pack abs they're looking for. Unfortunately, even if you do 100 crunches a day, you won't lose the fat from your belly. Not a chance. And since a toned belly is exactly what everyone is looking for, the market is saturated ...

  7. Abs exercises that are more effective than sit-ups - INSIDER

    From planks to leg lifts, there are a slew of core exercises you should consider besides sit-ups to get rock hard abs.

  8. Sit-Ups vs. Crunches - Healthline

    Situps vs. Crunches. Medically reviewed by ... it’s best to start off with a set of 10 to 25 at a time ... go beyond crunches with these five exercises for toned abs.

  9. This Is Better Than Doing A 1000 Situps! - YouTube

    This Is Better Than Doing A 1000 Situps! Wesley Virgin. Loading ... The No-Sit-Up Exercise to Perfect Abs, ... Best Tutorial Ever!

  10. Are situps a good ab workout? - Quora

    Are situps a good ab workout? Update Cancel. ... Situps are actually not too bad but it focuses ... They are not the best. This is my best abs workout at home to ...