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  1. Yet another philosopher of the late Enlightenment that was influential in the 19th century was Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749–1827), whose formulation of nomological determinism is famous up to this day. Philosophical schools and tendencies. This is a partial list of schools of 19th-century philosophy (also known as late modern philosophy).

  2. This is a list of political entities in the 19th century (1801–1900) AD. It includes both sovereign states , self-declared unrecognized states, and any political predecessors of current sovereign states.

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  5. Modernism in Christian theology. As the more radical implications of the scientific and cultural influences of the Enlightenment began to be felt in the Protestant churches, especially in the 19th century, Liberal Christianity, exemplified especially by numerous theologians in Germany in the 19th century, sought to bring the churches alongside of the broad revolution that modernism represented.

  6. The earliest published studies of lesbian activity were written in the early 19th century. 1800s 1802. The French Republic annexes Piedmont, thus extending the French Penal Code of 1791 to the annexed territory. 1803

  7. Agriculture remained in the hands of peasants, who together constituted about four-fifths of the rural population, and former landowners. By the end of 19th century, Russia was the largest producer and exporter of cereals in the world. Owing to the development of agriculture, Russia gradually assumed a more important position in the world trade.

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