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    What does 'diversion' mean?

    What does diversion mean, in terms of law?

    What does the name diversion mean?

    What is an example of a diversion?

  3. diversion: [noun] the act or an instance of diverting or straying from a course, activity, or use : deviation.

  4. Define diversion. diversion synonyms, diversion pronunciation, diversion translation, English dictionary definition of diversion. n. 1. The act or an instance of ...

  5. Diversion definition, the act of diverting or turning aside, as from a course or purpose: a diversion of industry into the war effort. See more.

  6. diversion. n. in criminal procedure, a system for giving a chance for a first time criminal defendant in lesser crimes to perform community service, make restitution for damage due to the crime, obtain treatment for alcohol or drug problems and/or counselling for antisocial or mentally unstable conduct.

  7. Synonyms for DIVERSION: delight, distraction, divertissement, entertainment, fun, pleasure, recreation, amusement; Antonyms for DIVERSION: bore, bummer, downer, drag

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