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    United Automobile Services, a bus operator in England, now merged with the Arriva Group; United Bank (Atlanta metropolitan area), Georgia, United States; United Bank (Pakistan) United Bank (West Virginia), United States; United Bus, a bus manufacturing group; United Technologies Corporation, an American multi-national

  2. Admiral in the other uniformed services which use naval ranks; In the United States military, a general is the most senior general-grade officer; it is the highest achievable commissioned officer rank (or echelon) that may be attained in the United States Armed Forces, with exception of the Navy and Coast Guard, which have the equivalent rank of admiral instead.

  3. The continental United States is the area of the United States of America that is located in the continent of North America.It includes 49 of the 50 states (48 of which are located south of Canada and north of Mexico, known as the "lower 48 states", the other being Alaska) and the District of Columbia, which contains the federal capital, Washington, D.C.

  4. The Vice President, a Democrat, holds a tie breaking vote, in the United States Senate. The United States has two major political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans. But there are other parties that aren't as represented by the United States government and are usually highly suppressed, underfunded or misrepresented.

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