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  1. Christianization (or Christianisation) was the conversion of societies to Christianity beginning in late antiquity in the Roman Empire and continuing through the Late Middle Ages in Europe. Outside of ancient Europe , the process was significantly reversed in the Levant by the Sunni Caliphate , with parallel process of Islamisation , beginning ...

  2. However, Lithuanians had more active contacts with the Kievan Rus' and subsequent Eastern Slavic states, which had adopted Eastern Orthodox Christianity following the Christianization of Kievan Rus' in the 10th century. As the dukes of Lithuania extended their dominion eastwards, the influence of the Slavic states on their culture increased.

  3. La Rus de Kiev alcanzó su mayor extensión bajo Yaroslav I (1019-1054); sus hijos prepararon y publicaron su primer código legal escrito, la Justicia de la Rus (Rúskaya Pravda), poco después de su muerte. [7] El declive del Estado empezó a finales del siglo XI y durante el XII, cuando se desintegró en varios territorios rivales. [8]

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