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  1. The Malay alphabet has a phonemic orthography; words are spelled the way they are pronounced, with few exceptions like the distinctions between /ə/ and /e/ where it is both written as E/e. The letters F, Q, V, X and Z are not used in spelling native Malay/Indonesian words.

  2. Malay orthography - Wikiwand The modern Malay or Indonesian alphabet , consists of the 26 letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet.[1] It is the more common of the two alphabets used today to write the Malay language, the other being Jawi .

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  5. Malay is an Austronesian language predominantly spoken by Malay people in northeastern of Sumatra to the Riau Islands and its surroundings; which includes Singapore and Malay Peninsula, as well as the western and northernmost coast of Borneo (especially in Pontianak and Brunei ). Writing system [ change | change source]

  6. Independientemente de la pronunciación, sin embargo, las letras representan la misma ortografía en todos los países de habla malaya . El alfabeto malayo tiene una ortografía fonémica ; las palabras se escriben de la forma en que se pronuncian, con pocas excepciones, como las distinciones entre / ə / y / e /, donde ambas se escriben como Ee.

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