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    Sighnaq ( Kazakh: Сығанақ, romanized: Syğanaq; Uzbek: Sigʻnoq) was an ancient city in Central Asia (in modern Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda Region ), it was the capital of the Blue Horde (i.e., the White Horde of Persian sources), although the city is almost unknown. The region in which Sighnaq was situated was called Farab, it was located ...

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    The region in which Sighnaq was situated was called Farab, it was located between Isfijab and Jand. The name means 'place of refuge', a name that is found also in other regions, especially in Transcaucasia. According to Hathon, Sighnaq was located in the Karatau Mountains, from where the river Kara Ichuk, a tributary of Syr Darya, emanates.

  3. Although modern historians regard the figures of medieval chroniclers to be exaggerated (one account has 2.4 million people killed in Nishapur alone), they still estimate the death toll to be in the millions, especially if the resulting famine and starvation is taken into account. The campaign was certainly one of the bloodiest in human history.

    • 1220-21
    • Khorasan annexed by Mongol Empire
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    The Kipchaks, also known as Kipchak Turks, Qipchaq or Polovtsians, were a Turkic nomadic people and confederation that existed in the Middle Ages, inhabiting parts of the Eurasian Steppe.

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    Tokhtamysh was now installed as khan in Sighnaq, and he spent the rest of the year establishing his authority and harnessing his resources for his next target, Sarai. In 1380, Tokhtamysh advanced westward, intent on taking over Sarai and the central and western portions of the Golden Horde.

    • Tuy Khwāja
    • 1379–1380
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    Urus Khan (also known as Muḥammad-Urūs, Orys, Arys, Yrys, Orys Khan) was the eighth Khan of the White Horde and a disputed Khan of the Blue Horde; he was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan. Urus himself was the direct ancestor of the khans of the Kazakh Khanate . Contents 1 Ancestry 2 Biography 3 Descendants 4 Kazakh Khanate 5 Genealogy 6 See also

  7. Sighnaqista tuli yksi vauraimmista kaupungeista Itä-Kiptšakin viljavilla aroilla ja joissakin lähteissä mainitun Hudud al-'Alamin kirjauksen mukaan siinä tuotettuja jauhoja oli markkinoilla ympäri maailmaa. Kaupungin nimeä mainitaan Karakhanin osavaltion kaikissa XI–XII-luvun asiakirjoissa.

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