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    Ley lines ( / leɪ /) are straight alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. The idea was developed in early 20th-century Europe, with ley line believers arguing that these alignments were recognised by ancient societies that deliberately erected structures along them.

  3. Oct 24, 2014 · In theory ley lines were used as a navigation technique to move across the landscape. Early Britons would pick a place to start and then follow the paths based on line of sight to the next highest point, monument, or other unique geographical feature. In this way people were able to move across the country, slowly but surely.

  4. Across the surface of the Earth, there are imaginary vertical and horizontal lines running — they are called longitude and latitude lines respectively, and they are used for locating just any point on the globe. Then there are also the so-called ley lines, which are imaginary lines that cross the Earth as well as crisscross one another.

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  5. Mar 14, 2018 · Ley lines are lines that crisscross around the globe, like latitudinal and longitudinal lines, that are dotted with monuments and natural landforms, and carry along with them rivers of supernatural energy. Along these lines, at the places they intersect, there are pockets of concentrated energy, that can be harnessed by certain individuals.

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    The concept of ley lines is surprisingly recent given the sites being referenced, being first theorized in detail in 1921. Since that time, the debate has never been concluded, and the arguments continue over whether they exist or not. Indeed, many of the proponents of ley lines confess they do not understand their purpose in detail. Most conclude ...

    Alfred Watkins offered evidence for his theory by giving examples of different types of monuments in a straight line across the globe. He drew a straight line across southern England, and later one from the southern tip of Ireland to Israel, which he claimed connected seven different locations that included the name “Michael,” in some form. And it ...

    One of the more down to earth theories about ley lines relates to their use as a technique for navigation. They have been theorized as a tool by which early British (ley lines were, initially, a very Britishconcept) travelers could guide themselves safely to their destination. 1. Sailing Stones of Death Valley Mystery Solved 2. Blythe Intaglios Geo...

    Most of the papers and books are published so far across the globe, relating to Watkins’s concept of ley lines, reject and criticize the supernatural aspect of his theories. But this theory has evidently caught the attention of the modern age and the counterculture movements. Many, unsatisfied with the explanations for the universe offered by scien...

    What Are Ley Lines? Available at: The Lore and Lure of Ley Lines. Available at: The ancient network that links Britain! Available at:

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