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  2. What Is Orthodox. My spirit is, and has been troubled concerning the condition of the Church over the past thirty years or so, and how badly we have adopted a range of traditions of men. These too, are traditions that invalidate Scripture as The lord jesus reprimanded the Pharisees for. I have been feeling burdened by God to write a book and ...

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    The first duty of every Orthodox Christian is to "know yourself", in other words, to know the Orthodox Faith, as well as to be aware of our own strengths and weakness and to so walk in humility -- which is not a false humility, but is actually a very realistic appraisal of ourselves in comparison with the examples of the saints and in the light ...

  4. These brief statements on the doctrines of biblical Christianity are not intended to include all teachings of the New Testament, but they are the basic and fundamental doctrines believed and taught by the apostles. The Meaning of Orthodoxy. The word orthodoxy comes from the Greek words orthos (“right, true”) and doxa (“opinion”) meaning ...

  5. May 20, 2022 · According to Bishop Ignatius, the gifts of the Holy Spirit “exist only in Orthodox Christians who have attained Christian perfection, purified and prepared beforehand by repentance.”. They “are given to Saints of God solely at God’s good will and God’s action, and not by the will of men and not by one’s own power.

  6. Separated from the West, the Orthodox churches of the East have developed their own way for more than half of Christian history. Orthodoxy here refers to the two great bodies of Christianity that use the term to characterize their theologies and liturgies: the churches of Eastern Orthodoxy and the churches that constitute the so-called Oriental Orthodox communion. Each of the national churches ...

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