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    The word "animal" comes from the Latin animalis, meaning 'having breath', 'having soul' or 'living being'. [1] The biological definition includes all members of the kingdom Animalia. [2] In colloquial usage, the term animal is often used to refer only to nonhuman animals.

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    There are many different types of animals. The common animals most people know are only about 3% of the animal kingdom. When biologists look at animals, they find things that certain animals have in common. They use this to group the animals in a biological classification. Several million species may exist, but biologists have only identified about...

    The animal mode of nutrition is called heterotrophic because they get their food from other living organisms. Some animals eat only plants; they are called herbivores. Other animals eat only meat and are called carnivores. Animals that eat both plants and meat are called omnivores. The environments animals live in vary greatly. By the process of ev...

    In scientific usage, humans are animals. But in everyday use, humans are often not regarded as animals.

    Ethology, the study of animal behaviour
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    Scientifiquement, les animaux sont des organismes eucaryotes multicellulaires (exception faite des Myxozoa) ce qui les différencie des Bacteria et des Protista et dépourvus de chloroplastes ( hétérotrophes ), ce qui les distingue des végétaux et algues. Ils se distinguent également des Mycota.

  3. Animal is an American nature documentary series made for Netflix. [1] The series is narrated by Anthony Mackie and features Bryan Cranston, Rebel Wilson, Rashida Jones, and Pedro Pascal. [2] [3] It follows the world's most magnificent creatures, capturing never-before-seen moments, both heartwarming and extreme.

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    Liban kareng mapilan a organismu, lalu na reng w:sponge (Phylum w:Porifera), bibilugan do reng miyayaliwang klasing tissues o kalamnan deng animal. Kayabe la kareti deng [w:muscle]], a malyaring murung at maging sangkan ning pamangimut, at ing w:nervous_system, a yang magparla at mag-process kareng sinyal. Atin muring lugal king kilub ning karelang...

    Dadalan la king metung a klasing w:sexual reproduction deng alus eganaganang animal. w:Diploid la reng mangaragul na o atyu na king ustung edad, at neng kayi, w:polyploid la reti. Deti, atin lang mapilan a reproductive cell a bukud kareng aliwa (specialized). Dadalan la reti king w:meiosis, a gagawang mas mangalating w:spermatozoa, o mas mangaragul...

    Paniwalan da reng keraklan a menibat la reng animal kareng protozoa a w:flagellate o maki flagellum. Pekamalapit dong kamaganak deng w:choanoflagellate, a flagellate a maki collar o tela- kwelyu, a kawangis da reng mapilan a sponge cell. Agpang king pamanigaral king karelang DNA, kayanib la reti king metung a maragul a grupu o supergroup a awsan da...

    Maranun long mikawani deng sponge (w:Porifera) kareng aliwang animal. Anti ing mebanggit na, e mayayakit karela ing komplikadung pangabalangkas a atyu kareng aliwang phylum (maragul a grupu da reng animal at aliwang organismu). Agyang miyayaliwa nong klasi (differentiated) deng cell da reti, e la pa bibilug aliwa-liwang uring kalamnan. E la mamalis...

    Ketang minuna nang planung Linnaeus, metung la reng animal kareng atlung kingdom. Mapipitna la reti kareng class a w:Vermes, [[insektu|Insecta], Pisces, w:Amphibia, Aves ampong Mammalia. Manibat kanita, miyanib no ngan king metung a phylum, ing w:Chordata, deng tawling apat, kabang pikawani da no man detang aliwa. Ing mebanggit king babo ing kekata...

    Dening makatuki ila reng mapilan kareng pekakilalang animal, a makalista lalam da reng karelang karaniwan a lagyu o common name. 1. alpaca, panas, en:antelope, badger, talibatab, osu, bee, saligubang, ayup, bison, mariposa, pusa, manuk, ipas , coral, baka, dinosaur, asu, dolphin, earthworm, elepanti, elk, asan, lango, w:fox, tugak, giraffe, kambing...

    Template:Dichotomouskey 1. Animals Search Engine 2. Tree of Life 3. A Multimedia Database of Various UK or Endangered Species 4. [ and Birds Names] - Large table of words: animal, collective, male, female, young, & home 1. [

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Animal (disambiguation). The Animals (also billed as Eric Burdon and the Animals) are an English rhythm-and-blues and rock band, formed in Newcastle upon Tyne in the early 1960s. The band moved to London upon finding fame in 1964.

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