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    La Union had great strategic significance both for allied and Japanese forces. On December 22, 1941, the Japanese 4th Tank Regiment and the 47th Infantry Regiment under the command of Col Isamu Yanagi supported by a massive flotilla of navy ships tried to land in Agoo to make it one of three major beachheads for the Japanese Invasion of Lingayen Gulf, although weather dispersed their forces ...

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    La Unión lies within the built-up area of Cartagena and is surrounded on all landward sides by the City of Cartagena. The rich mines of La Union provided most of the silver and lead needed by the Late Roman Republic, as it was studied by the archaeologist Eulalia Sintas Martínez .

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    La Unión (sometimes styled as La Uniøn), was a Spanish new wave band formed in 1982 by Rafa Sánchez, Mario Martínez, Luis Bolín, and Íñigo Zabala. They are best known for their 1984 hit "Lobo Hombre en París".

  4. La Union - Wikipedia

    La Union (Ilocano: Probinsya ti La Union; Pangasinan: Luyag na La Union; Tagalog: Probinsya ng La Union), is a province in the Philippines locatit in the Ilocos Region in the island o Luzon. Its caipital is the ceety oe San Fernando.

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  6. La Unión, Huánuco - Wikipediaón,_Huánuco

    The map shows the road to La Union, from the town of Paramunqa adjacent portions of the regions of Ancash, Huanuco and Lima. Economic Activities. For its geographical location and being the provincial capital, the main economic activity is the trade, catering to the surrounding areas of products that the province can not produce arriving from other cities from Lima and Huanuco, such as fruit ...

  7. San Fernando, La Union - Wikipedia,_La_Union

    In the 2015 census, the population of San Fernando, La Union, was 121,812 people, with a density of 1,200 inhabitants per square kilometre or 3,100 inhabitants per square mile. Economy Edit San Fernando is mainly agricultural (rice, legumes, leafy vegetables, root crops, fruit trees, corn and tobacco).

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    San Juan is located in the west of the province of La Union, along the Manila North Road, between latitudes 16°39'N and 16°43'N and longitudes 120°9'E and 120°15'E. San Juan is bounded on the north by the municipality of Bacnotan along the Baroro River, and on the east by the municipalities of San Gabriel and Bagulin along the Dasay-Duplas ...

  9. Bacnotan - Wikipedia,_La_Union

    Bacnotan is the seat of the beekeeping industry in La Union. A mining engineer from Bacnotan who saw the limestone deposits in Dumarang (renamed Quirino) also saw deposits of coal and traces of gas. Surfing has become quite popular as well, surfers having discovered that there is a surfable break beside the Holcim Cement Factory.

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    La Unión, rotulado también como LA UNIØN, es un grupo español de pop, rock y New Wave, entre otros estilos musicales.El grupo estuvo compuesto por Rafa Sánchez (), Luis Bolin, y Mario Martínez (guitarrista) acompañados por Fermín Villaescusa al piano y el guitarrista Mario Cea Martínez.

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