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    Is Tagalog or English more widely spoken in the Philippines?

    How many people speak English in the Philippines?

    What is dictionary in Tagalog?

    Do Filipinos speak English?

  2. What is Philippine English, and why should Pinoys stop ...

    Aug 22, 2020 · An Oxford English Dictionary world English editor wants you to quit scoffing at our own variant of the world language. BY JACS T. SAMPAYAN

  3. Exploring Philippine English - SlideShare

    Sep 10, 2017 · What are some characteristics of Philippine English? Philippine English vocabulary is influenced by other languages, like in the words veranda for a terrace or a porch, carabao for water buffalo, or siesta for an afternoon nap. There are many words which are believed to be American but are really Philippine English.

  4. Talk:Philippine English - Wikipedia

    Philippine English, also Filipino English, is the variety of English used in the Philippines. It has some co-official status with Filipino. English is the second western colonial language, after Spanish; the United States took the territory in 1898 from Spain, whose colony it had been since 1521.

  5. Philippine English: A Legitimate Variety of English

    Today, over sixty percent of the Philippine population claim to know English (pg. 130). English has penetrated areas including politics, finance, entertainment, and literature to name a few. In the Philippines, “English is the language of power and progress.

  6. (PDF) Another Look Into Philippine English: Towards Users ...

    This paper is a review of literature and studies on Philippine English (henceforth PhilE) which have been conducted in almost two decades. I argue that a big number of Filipino speakers of English ...

  7. Remembering Gilda; Philippine English and Standard English ...

    Sep 01, 2020 · First word PRIMARILY because Filipino writer and good friend Gilda Cordero-Fernando died after a lingering illness on August 27 (amid the pandemic, but not of the coronavirus), I have turned my thoughts lately to the subject of Philippine literature in English and the remarkable phenomenon that many Filipino writers are exceptionally gifted in using English […]

    • Yen Makabenta
  8. (PDF) Contemporary perspectives on Philippine English

    It has been claimed that Philippine English is in phase 3 of Schneider’s dynamic model, probably approaching phase 4. This paper argues that Philippine English has already met the parameters set ...

  9. English Words That Came From The Philippines |

    English Words That Came From The Philippines There are only two official languages in the Philippines, a nation in Southeast Asia: English and Filipino, which is a standardized form of Tagalog, a language indigenous to the islands.

  10. What is the official language of the Philippines, and why ...

    We have two official languages in the Philippines. First is Filipino, which is the official native language based on Tagalog which is used as an intermediary between the diverse ethnic groups found in the Philippines.

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