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  1. where ( wɛə) adv 1. a. in, at, or to what place, point, or position?: where are you going?. b. ( used in indirect questions ): I don't know where they are. 2. in, at, or to which (place): the hotel where we spent our honeymoon. 3. ( subordinating) in the place at which: where we live it's always raining. n

  2. (subordinating) in the place at which where we live it's always raining noun (usually plural) a question as to the position, direction, or destination of something Word Origin for where Old English hwǣr, hwār ( a ); related to Old Frisian hwēr, Old Saxon, Old High German hwār, Old Norse, Gothic hvar usage for where

  3. Definition of where 1 as in wherever at, in, or to what place where will you be tonight? Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance wherever whither whereabout whereabouts Antonyms & Near Antonyms whence 2 as in how in what manner or way I cannot see where the explanation is mistaken Synonyms & Similar Words how wherein thus consequently hence so wherefore

  4. Aug 17, 2022 · The word where (pronounced [ wair ]) is commonly used to ask about place or location ( Where are you?) or indicate those things ( I told him where I was ).

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    Mar 3, 2021 · where | Microsoft Learn Windows Commands Command-Line Syntax Key Reference Commands by Server Role active add add alias add volume append arp assign assoc at atmadm attach-vdisk attrib attributes auditpol autochk autoconv autofmt automount bcdboot bcdedit bdehdcfg begin backup begin restore bitsadmin bootcfg break cacls call cd certreq certutil

  6. numpy.whereNumPy v1.23 Manual User Guide API reference Development Release notes Learn 1.23 (stable) Array objects Array API Standard Compatibility Constants Universal functions ( ufunc ) Routines Array creation routines Array manipulation routines Binary operations String operations C-Types Foreign Function Interface ( numpy.ctypeslib )

  7. Sinonimi: whereabouts, in what place, at which place, in what direction, toward what, altro... Collocazioni: where am I?, where can I [find, get, stop]?, where has all my [money, time] gone?, altro... Forum discussions with the word (s) 'where' in the title: Discussioni nei forum nel cui titolo è presente la parola 'where':

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