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      • Conagher was a lean, dark-eyed drifter who wasn’t about to let a gang of rustlers push him around. While searching the isolated canyons for missing cattle, he found notes tied to tumbleweeds rolling with the wind.
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    Conagher is a 1991 American made-for-television Western film based on the 1969 Louis L'Amour novel of the same name co-produced and distributed by Turner Network Television, starring Sam Elliott as Conn Conagher, an honest, hardworking cowboy who learns that his fellow ranch hands plan to steal the boss's cattle.

  3. Like nearly all the heroes brought to life by the pen of the incomparable Louis L’Amour, Conagher was an unpretentious man who fought when he had to, but only to defend the innocent and vindicate the claims of honor – never to gratify his ego or in search of illicit gain.

  4. Chris Mahler, Cowboy : Damn you, Conn, you're pushing me! Conn Conagher : It seems to me I'm the one being pushed. Chris Mahler, Cowboy : You're a damn fool. They're going to clean the old man out by spring. Now you can do your job and look the other way, or you can set yourself up as a target. You got a choice.

  5. His reputation may precede him, but in truth, Conn Conagher is a rough cowboy trying to scrape together a living on the stark frontier. Indeed, he’s a sharp, quick gunfighter, but most of all, he’s a loner and confirmed bachelor, and good friends with Charlie.

  6. Never did like you, Conagher. No, I never did. I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm sure he came here to see you. Doesn't matter. You were about to say something. Just before Mr. Mahler rode up, | you started to say something. I don't recall. Mrs. Teale, I reckon I'd better drift. I know that you have things to do. You've helped us. We were having a bad time ...

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