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    Any member that you have already interacted with will still be able to see your profile, and you can still be found in a username search. Go to your profile and select My Profile. Find the Hide Profile option and select it. Ready to unhide your profile? Repeat the same steps and select the Unhide profile option.

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    Anyone Whose POF Profile you Viewed Can be Seen by Them. The default settings if Plenty Of Fish dating are that anytime a persons profile is looked at by another member, an image of that person is added to the library of all other people who have looked at your profile. Members of POF can see every and any one who has viewed their profile by:

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    Profile & Account. Learn all about using your Plenty of Fish account and profile. ... Learn all the ways that you can use Plenty of Fish to go on more dates.

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  5. Quick Tip: How to "Hide" Your Profile on Plenty of Fish - The ...

    On desktop, you will find the ability to hide your profile on the right hand side of your profile when you’re in My Profile. Once you click the link, you’ll see a notification pop up that says Your Profile is Hidden. If you wish to Unhide your profile, all you have to do is follow the same steps.

  6. Jan 02, 2020 · When logged out, you can assess the old username search feature here. How to Look So Good, the Best People on POF Search for YOU. Look, you might think your current profile pics are *just what you look like.* But chances are, they’re making you look way worse than you do in real life. (Bad lighting can do that, I’m serious.)

  7. 7 Profile & Message Tips You Won’t Find In POF Forums

    If you find yourself scouring the POF Forums for online dating advice, it probably means you aren’t happy with the response you’re getting to your POF profile.. Whether you’re disappointed with the quality of women you’re meeting, or attractive women simply aren’t returning your messages, the good news is you can fix it.

  8. How To Use Dating Sites Discreetly With Private Profiles

    While it’s turned on, any matches you have previously contacted at any point will still be able to see your profile, so activating this feature won’t affect any message exchanges you have going. But your profile will now be invisible to anyone else.

  9. How Anyone Can Catch An Unfaithful Partner On Plenty Of Fish ...

    The purpose of the POF Username Search tools to catch a cheating spouse is to first verify they have a visible profile on Plenty Of Fish. First Verify they Have a POF Dating Profile. Head over to the POF Username Search Tool. This link will open in a new window so you don't lose your place here.

  10. 10 Things You Need to Know About PlentyOfFish Before You Sign ...
    • PlentyOfFish is easily the biggest of the top dating sites. In terms of the number of registered members, PlentyOfFish doesn't just surpass other top dating sites; it towers over them.
    • PlentyOfFish is not known for their technical support or customer service. Red flags appear en masse when you take a look at PlentyOfFish's page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.
    • PlentyOfFish has its share of personality tests. Most of the online dating sites have personality tests (Zoosk doesn't), and PlentyOfFish is no exception.
    • PlentyOfFish gives members a lot of features for free. This is one possible reason why their membership is so huge. Unlike the free trials that are offered by other top dating sites, PlentyOfFish actually gives away a ton of features for free.
  11. How to Find Out if You've Been Blocked By a Plentyoffish User

    Jul 14, 2020 · Searching for a profile is simple. Click on Search in the POF navigation bar at the top of your screen. Choose the Username Search tab. Type in the username of the person you want to find.