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  1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県; Kanagawa-ken) is a prefecture located in the Kantō region on Honshū island, Japan. The capital is the Yokohama. The main article for this category is Kanagawa Prefecture.

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    Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県, Kanagawa-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kantō region of Honshu. Kanagawa Prefecture is the second-most populous prefecture of Japan at 9,058,094 (1 October 2015) and has a geographic area of 2,415 km 2 (932 sq mi).

    • Kantō Region

      The Kanto region (関東地方, Kantō-chihō) is a geographical area...

    • History

      The prefecture has some archaeological sites going back to...

    • Geography

      Kanagawa is a relatively small prefecture located at the...

    • Education

      The Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education manages and...

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    Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県, Kanagawa-ken) is a prefecture in the Kantō region of Japan on the island of Honshu. The capital city is Yokohama.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Kanagawa Prefecture (神奈川県; Kanagawa-ken) is a prefecture located in the Kantō region on Honshū island, Japan. The capital is the Yokohama. The main article for this category is Kanagawa Prefecture.

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    established in 1880, the ICP honkan (main building) dates to 1904 and is used for the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Cultural History 35°26′57″N 139°38′11″E  /  35.449059°N 139.636307°E  / 35.449059; 139.636307  ( Former Yokohama Specie Bank Head

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    Kanagawa Prefecture's location in Japan. Map of Kanagawa Prefecture. famous confection . 湘南ゴールド(Shonan gold) 果実 不知火(shiranuhi) 果実

    • Kanagawa bugyō
    • Greater Tokyo Area, Kantō region
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    神奈川県(かながわけん、英: Kanagawa Prefecture )は、日本の関東地方に位置する県。 県庁所在地は横浜市。. 首都圏の一角を成し、都道府県別の人口は隣接する東京都に次ぐ第2位 、昼間人口及び人口密度は東京都、大阪府に次ぐ第3位である。

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    • Overview
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    Kawasaki is a city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, one of the main cities of Greater Tokyo Area and Keihin Industrial Area. It is the 8th most populated city in Japan. As of October 1, 2017, the city has an estimated population of 1,503,690, with 716,470 households, and a population density of 10,000 persons per km2. Kawasaki is the only city in Japan with more than one million inhabitants that is not a prefectural capital. The total area is 142.70 km2.

    Archaeological evidence from the Japanese Paleolithic and Jōmon period can only be found in the northwest Tama Hills. The course of the Tama and the coast of the Bay of Tokyo have also changed in historical times, so that large parts of the urban area are geologically young.

    With the introduction of the Ritsuryō legal system, the area came to the Musashi Province in the 7th century. In the Nara period, the center of the Tachibana district was probably in the area of today's Takatsu district. Since the Heian period, the domain of the Inage clan ...

    In 1611, Koizumi Jidayū had Nikaryō Yōsui built, a canal system on the right bank of the Tama for irrigating the fields, which in some cases still runs through the densely built-up city. On the long-distance Kaidō roads Tōkaidō and Nakaharakaidō built by Edo-Bakufu ...

    Kawasaki is located on the right bank of the Tama River, which flows into the Tokyo Bay here. The city lies like a narrow band between Tokyo in the northeast and Yokohama in the southwest. The city connects the two major cities and is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, the largest a

    In the northeast, Kawasaki borders the Special wards of Tokyo Ōta and Setagaya, in the northwest the cities belonging to Tokyo Prefecture Komae, Chofu, Machida, Inagi, Tama enclose the place. The opposite southwest side is entirely occupied by the districts of Tsurumi ...

    Two rivers cross the urban area. The Tama unites with the tributaries Misawa, Yamashita, Gotanda, Nikaryō main river and Hirase; Katahira, Asao, Shimpukuji, Arima, E, Shibu and Yabumi flow into the Tsurumi. The land on the coast of the city is crossed by a network of canals ...

    Kawasaki is governed by Mayor Norihiko Fukuda, an independent elected on 27 October 2013. The city assembly has 63 elected members. Mayor Fukuda was re-elected to a second term in office on 22 October 2017 with support from LDP and Kōmeitō against former municipal MP Akiko Yoshizawa and KPJ-supported former primary school teacher Hirokazu Ichiko. The 60-member city parliament of Kawasaki was re-elected in the unified elections in April 2019. The LDP remained the strongest with 19 seats ...

    Fujitsu's Main Branch is located in Nakahara-ku. It was formerly Fujitsu's headquarters. Kawasaki has several factories and development bases of the companies of heavy industry and high technology.

  10. Kagawa Prefecture - Wikipedia › wiki › Kagawa_Prefecture

    Kagawa Prefecture is located on the Seto Inland Sea across from Okayama Prefecture on the island of Honshu, which is connected by the Great Seto Bridge. Kagawa Prefecture includes Shōdoshima, the second-largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, and the prefecture's southern land border with Tokushima Prefecture is formed by the Sanuki Mountains.

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    Surrounded to the north, east, and west by hills and to the south by the open water of Sagami Bay, Kamakura is a natural fortress. Before the construction of several tunnels and modern roads that now connect it to Fujisawa, Ofuna and Zushi, on land it could be entered only through narrow artificial passes, among which the seven most important were called Kamakura's Seven Entrances ...

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