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    Kobe is the site of Japan's first golf course, Kobe Golf Club, established by Arthur Hesketh Groom in 1903, and Japan's first mosque, Kobe Mosque, built in 1935. The city hosts the Kobe Regatta & Athletic Club , founded in 1870 by Alexander Cameron Sim , [54] and a prominent foreign cemetery .

  2. Hyogo is one of nine wards of Kobe, Japan. It has an area of 14.56 km2 and a population of 106,322. The area's location with a natural harbour near the Akashi Strait which links Osaka Bay and the Seto inland sea has been an important location throughout the history of Japan. The capital of Japan was located in the area for a short period in the 12th century. Today the area is an important manufacturing zone. The modern ward of Hyogo was formed as Sōsai-ku when Kobe adopted the system of ...

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  4. Kobe (Japanese: 神戸市; -shi) is a city in the Kansai region of Japan on the island of Honshu. It is the capital city of Hyōgo Prefecture. Kobe is an important port city in the Kansai district of Western Japan. It is between the country's financial capital Osaka and Kyoto. It's population is around 1.53 million people as of 2008.

    • こうべ
    • 神戶
    • コーベ
    • 神戸
    • Overview
    • History
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    Hyōgo Prefecture is a prefecture of Japan located in the Kansai region of Honshu. Hyōgo Prefecture has a population of 5,469,762 and has a geographic area of 8,400 square kilometres. Hyōgo Prefecture borders Kyoto Prefecture to the east, Osaka Prefecture to the southeast, and Okayama Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture to the west. Kōbe is the capital and largest city of Hyōgo Prefecture, and the seventh-largest city in Japan, with other major cities including Himeji, Nishinomiya, and...

    Present-day Hyōgo Prefecture includes the former provinces of Harima, Tajima, Awaji, and parts of Tanba and Settsu. In 1180, near the end of the Heian period, Emperor Antoku, Taira no Kiyomori, and the Imperial court moved briefly to Fukuhara, in what is now the city of Kobe. There the capital remained for five months. Himeji Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is in the city of Himeji. Southern Hyōgo Prefecture was severely devastated by the 6.9 Mw Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995 ...

    Two major artificial islands are located Hyōgo Prefecture: 1. Rokkō Island 2. Port Island

    The city of Akō and the only town in Akō District, were scheduled to merge and the city would still retain the name Akō. Akō District would be defunct if the merger was successful. However, the merger hasn't taken place.

    As in all prefectures nationwide, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries play a big role in the economy of Hyogo Prefecture. Hyōgo Prefecture also has an IT industry, many heavy industries, metal and medical, Kobe Port being one of the largest ports in Japan. Kobe Port also hosts one of the world's fastest supercomputers, and Hyogo Prefecture passed laws to keep Kobe Port free of nuclear weapons since the year 1975.

    There are 163 public and 52 private high schools within Hyogo prefecture. Of the public high schools, some are administered by the Hyogo prefectural government, whilst the others are administered by local municipalities. 1. Ashiya International Secondary School, founded 2003

    • 兵庫県
    • Honshu
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    Kobe. /  34.6913°N 135.183°E. Kōbe-shi?) este un municipiu din Japonia, centrul administrativ al prefecturii Hyōgo. Este al cincilea oraș ca mărime din Japonia. Pe 17 ianuarie 1995, la ora 5:46 a.m., a fost lovit de un cutremur înregistrând 7,2 grade pe scara Richter, cu epicentrul exact sub regiunea Hanshin-Awaji.

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    Tỉnh Hyogo phía Bắc giáp biển Nhật Bản, phía Nam giáp biển Seto Naikai. Phía Tây giáp các tỉnh Tottori và Okayama. Phía Đông giáp các tỉnh Kyoto và Osaka. Đảo Awaji trên biển Seto Naikai thuộc tỉnh Hyogo.

    Năm 1180, Fukuhara ở vị trí tỉnh Hyogo ngày nay đã từng là kinh đô của Nhật Bản trong vòng 5 tháng.
    Ako, một lãnh địa phong kiến trước đây ở Hyogo là quê của 47 samurai mất chủ.

    Tỉnh Hyogo có 41 đơn vị hành chính cấp hạttrực thuộc, gồm 29 thành phố và 12 thị trấn và làng (sắp tới chỉ còn 40 đơn vị trong đó có 11 thị trấn và làng do có hai đơn vị sáp nhập với nhau).

    Ở Hyogo có rất nhiều cơ sở công nghiệp nặng. Cảng Kobe là một trong những cảng biểnquan trọng nhất của Nhật Bản.

    Các đội thể thao được liệt kê dưới đây có trụ sở tại Hyogo. Bóng đá 1. Vissel Kobe (Kobe) Bóng chày 1. Orix Buffaloes (Kobe) 2. Hanshin Tigers (Nishinomiya) Bóng chuyền 1. Hisamitsu Springs (Kobe) 2. JT Marvelous (Nishinomiya) Rugby 1. Kobe Steel Kobelco Steelers (Kobe) 2. World Fighting Bull (Kobe)

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