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  1. Rockstar North - Wikipedia

    Rockstar North Limited (formerly DMA Design Limited) is a British video game development company and a studio of Rockstar Games based in Edinburgh.The company was founded as DMA Design in Dundee in 1987 by David Jones, soon hiring former classmates Mike Dailly, Russell Kay, and Steve Hammond.

    • Blood Money

      Blood Money is a side-scrolling shooter video game developed...

    • History

      In 1984, David Jones, Russell Kay, Steve Hammond and Mike...

  2. Rockstar Games - Wikipedia

    Rockstar Games, Inc. is an American video game publisher based in New York City.The company was established in December 1998 as a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, using the assets Take-Two had previously acquired from BMG Interactive.

    • December 1998; 21 years ago
    • New York City, US
    • 2,000+ (2018)
    • Video games
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  4. Rockstar North - Wikipedia

    Rockstar North Limited (formerly DMA Design Limited) is a video gemme developer basit in Edinburgh, Scotland.The company wis foondit as ACME Software, in Dundee in 1984, bi classmates David Jones, Russell Kay, Steve Hammond, an Mike Dailly, an wis renamit DMA Design in 1987.

  5. Rockstar North – Wikipédia

    A Rockstar North Limited (korábban DMA Design Limited) egy brit videojáték-fejlesztő vállalat, valamint a Skóciában található Rockstar Games stúdiója. A társaságot 1987-ben DMA Design-ként, Dundee -ben alapította David Jones, majd később a volt osztálytársait vette fel: Mike Dailly, Russel Kay és Steve Hammond.

    • David Jones
    • videójáték-fejlesztő
    • videójáték-ipar
    • 1984
  6. Rockstar (drink) - Wikipedia

    Rockstar (stylized as ROCKST★R or ЯR) is an energy drink created in 2001, which, as of 2009, had 14% of the US energy drink market. Rockstar is based in Las Vegas.As of January 2013, Rockstar Energy Drink was available in more than 20 flavors and in more than 30 countries.

    • Rockstar, Inc.
    • Carbonated, non-carbonated, and RTD coffee
  7. List of games by Rockstar Games - Wikipedia

    Rockstar Games is a video game publisher established under Take-Two Interactive in 1998. It is best known for the Grand Theft Auto series, other well-known releases including Bully, L.A. Noire, and the Red Dead, Manhunt, Max Payne and Midnight Club series.

  8. Rockstar North - Wikipedia

    ロックスター・ノース(英: Rockstar North)は、米国のゲームメーカー・テイクツー・インタラクティブ・ソフトウェア社内のブランド・ロックスター・ゲームス社傘下であり、スコットランドに本社を設立しているゲーム開発スタジオの1つ。

  9. Rockstar North – Wikipedia

    Rockstar North Ltd. (tidigare Acme Software och DMA Design Ltd.) är en brittisk (skotsk) datorspelsutvecklare med huvudkontor i Edinburgh, Skottland.Företaget grundades av David Jones som senare lämnade efter Rockstar hade köpt dem.

  10. Rockstar North – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    A Rockstar North Limited, anteriormente chamada de Acme Software e DMA Design, é uma desenvolvedora britânica de jogos eletrônicos. Fundada na cidade de Dundee pelo desenvolvedor David Jones , é hoje sediada em Leith Street, Edimburgo , tendo como seu atual presidente Aaron Garbut.

  11. Rockstar North

    Part of the Rockstar Games family since 1999, Rockstar North is home to the ground-breaking Grand Theft Auto Series. Ambition and hard work have made Rockstar North a preeminent games developer worldwide, and at the heart of it all is a team of motivated individuals who strive to produce amazing, industry-leading games.