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    Survival horror games, like many action-adventure games, are structured around the boss encounter where the player must confront a formidable opponent in order to advance to the next area. These boss encounters draw elements from antagonists seen in classic horror stories, and defeating the boss will advance the story of the game.

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      Survival horror games are a subgenre of horror games, where...

    • History

      The origins of the survival horror game can be traced back...

  2. Survival Horror Wiki | Fandom

    Survival Horror Wiki is a collaborative website about Survival-Horror and Horror video games in general that anyone can edit! Survival-horror is subgenre of video games that emphasizes survival, resource management, limited means and a horror based atmosphere, usually in third-person.

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    Other notable survival horror series include Clock Tower, Dead Space, Fatal Frame, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, and Parasite Eve. Psychological horror game [ edit ] Psychological horror games are meant to scare the player through emotional, mental, or psychological states rather than through monsters or scares.

  5. Survival horror is a video game genre based on horror movies where the main character has to survive while in danger and escape, for example during a zombie attack. Survival Horror games are influenced by both Western and Japanese culture.

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    O elemento mais importante no survival horror é o de proporcionar uma certa quantidade de tensão sobre o jogador, mas também providenciar uma sensação de conquista que é alcançada derrotando as criaturas e superando a tensão e o medo. O principal objetivo do jogo é sobreviver a fatos inicialmente incompreendidos e misteriosos e, ao ...

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    Survival Horror — ვიდეო თამაშის ჟანრი, შთაგონებული საშინელებათა ...

  8. Survival Horror - Wikipedia

    Historija Survival Horrora. Smatra se da je prvi Survival Horror bio Alone In The Dark. Iako nije bio pretežito uspješan,utemeljio je žanr i postavio osnove. Prvi uspješni Survival Horror je bio Capcomov Resident Evil, izašao 1998. za Playstation. Za tadašnje vrijeme je imao izvrsnu grafiku, još uvijek dobru priču i predstavljao je ...

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    1. D 2. Dark Seed 3. Dark Seed II 4. Dark Tales: From the Lost Soul 5. Dracula: The Resurrection 6. Dracula: The Last Sanctuary 7. Cho Nazo-Oh 8. Kowloon's Gate 9. Mizzurna Falls 10. Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness 11. Prisoner of Ice 12. Silverload 13. Season of Twilight - Yuuyami Doori Tankentai 14. The Witch of Salzburg 15. Twilight Syndrome: Saikai (Reunion) 16. Twilight Syndrome: Omen 17. Twilight Syndrome: Kyuumeihen (Investigation) 18. Moonlight Syndrome

    1. Alundra 2. Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness 3. Kagero: Deception II 4. Deception III: Dark Delusion 5. Yakata: Nightmare Project

    1. 19:03 Agano Ueno Hatsu Yakou Ressha 2. Akazu no Ma 3. Another Mind 4. Banshee's Last Cry 5. Baroque Syndrome 6. Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness 7. Eerie School Tales 8. Hall of the Dead 9. Haunted Mansion: Jun Hamamura's Real Ghost Stories 10. The Horror Mystery: Resurrection of Count Kevin 11. Hospital Closure (Heisa Byouin) 12. Misfortune: Doubts of Friendship 13. Misfortune 2: Cursed Game 14. Newspaper of Fear 15. Night of the Kamaitachi 16. Nocturne (PS1) 17. Nocturne 2 18. Ouma ga...

    1. Cat the Ripper 2. Creature Shock 3. Dark Hunter: Shita Youma 4. Dark Hunter Jou Ijigen Gakuen 5. Death Mask 6. Juggernaut 7. Junji Inagawa's House of Terror 8. Junji Inagawa's Midnight Taxi 9. Night Head: The Labyrinth 10. Quantum Gate 11. RMJ: The Mystery Hospital 12. The Seven Manors 13. The Unsolved 14. Scary Photographs 15. The X-Files 16. Tokyo Shadow

    1. Akuji The Heartless 2. Broken Helix 3. Diablo 4. Deserted Island 5. Forget Me Not - Palette 6. Legend of the Vampyre 7. LSD: Dream Emulator 8. MediEvil 9. MediEvil II 10. Twisted Metal 2 11. Twisted Metal III 12. Twisted Metal 4 13. Ningyo no Rakuin 14. X-COM: Terror from the Deep 15. X-COM: UFO Defense 16. Project Overkill 17. Thrill Kill

    1. Aconcagua 2. B.L.U.E. Legend of Water 3. Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn 4. Deep Freeze 5. The City of Lost Children 6. Hard Edge 7. In Cold Blood 8. Men in Black - The Game 9. Planet Laika 10. Ubik 11. Tunguska: Legend of Faith 12. The Crow: City of Angels

  9. D (video game) - Wikipedia

    D is a horror themed interactive movie and adventure game developed by Warp and directed by Kenji Eno.It was first published by Panasonic for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1995, later being ported to the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, and MS-DOS.