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    What countries have the largest GDP?

    What are the top 10 GDP countries in the world?

    What is the biggest GDP in the world?

    Does a city have GDP?

  2. List of cities by GDP - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_cities_by_GDP

    This is a list of cities in the world by gross domestic product (GDP). The United Nations uses ...

    • New York ($1.8 trillion) New York metro area (New York-Newark-Jersey City) is among the most powerful economic zones. It is home to the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ, the two largest stock exchanges in the world.
    • Los Angeles ($1 trillion) Los Angeles metro Area (Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim) is among the most dynamic economies globally. LA is also the second largest city in America, next only to New York.
    • Chicago ($689 billion) Chicago Metropolitan Area (Chicago-Naperville-Elgin) is home to 36 Fortune 500 companies. The region is a transportation and distribution center.
    • San Francisco ($549 billion) San Francisco metro area (San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley) was ranked first in the 2020 Best-Performing Cities Index released by the Milken Institute earlier this year.
  3. City Mayors: Richest cities in the world in 2020 by GDP › statistics › richest-cities-2020

    The 150 richest cities in the world by GDP in 2020 11 March 2007: The tables provide GDP ...

    City/Urban area
    Est GDP in 2020 in US$bn
    New York
    Los Angeles
  4. Economies of America's 30 Biggest Cities: 15 Strongest Economies › us-metro-area-city-best
    • Andy Kiersz
    • San Francisco, California: The per capita GDP of $90,296 and average weekly wage of $1,932 were both by far the highest among the 30 biggest metro areas, and the unemployment rate of 2.2% was tied with Austin as the lowest.
    • Austin, Texas: The GDP growth rate of 6.9% was the highest among the big metro areas, and the unemployment rate of 2.2% was tied for lowest.
    • Seattle, Washington: The per capita GDP of $80,471 and the GDP growth rate of 5.2% were both the second highest among the 30 biggest metro areas.
    • Dallas, Texas: The job-growth rate of 2.9% was tied for third highest among the 30 biggest metro areas, and the GDP growth rate of 3.9% was the fourth highest.
  5. These Are The Top Ten World Cities By GDP - ValueWalk › top-ten-world-cities-gdp
    • Tokyo ($1.520 trillion) Tokyo initially was a little fishing village, but it transformed into a global financial hub after Tokugawa Ieyasu (one of the three "Great Unifiers" of Japan) chose Edo (the former name of Tokyo) as his headquarters.
    • New York ($1.210 trillion) New York City may not be the richest city in terms of GDP, but it has more billionaires than any other city. One interesting fact about New York is that it accounts for just 1% of the U.S. land mass but about 8% of the country’s GDP.
    • Los Angeles ($789.7 billion) Known as the "City of Angels," Los Angeles was founded as a small village. It evolved into a big city after Americans won it in 1847.
    • Seoul ($779.3 billion) Seoul plays a significant role in electronic, textile, and iron and steel production. It is home to 14 Fortune Global 500 companies, including Samsung, LG and Hyundai.
  6. List of U.S. metropolitan areas by GDP - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_U

    Kansas City, MO-KS (Metropolitan Statistical Area) 132,703 127,540 123,702 121,591: 116,163: ...

  7. Top 10 Richest Cities in the World In terms of GDP rankings › richest-cities-in-the-world
    • Tokyo, Japan- GDP: $1,520 billion. One of the largest cities in the world with the GDP of about 1,520 billion dollars, Tokyo is the wealthiest city in the world in terms of GDP ranking.
    • New York, USA- GDP: $1,210 billion. With the GDP of about 1,210 billion dollars, New York is the second wealthiest city in the world. It is a global hub of business and commerce and a major centre for banking and finance, world trade, tourism, media, theatre, fashion, and much more.
    • Los Angeles, USA- GDP: $789.7 billion. Los Angeles is the third largest economy in the world, with an estimated population of about 10 million and a GDP of over $700 billion.
    • Seoul, South Korea- GDP: $779.3 billion. One of the richest cities in the world, Seoul, the capital city of South Korea is a leading and rising global city, most popularly recognized as an economic boom and the Miracle on the Han River.
  8. US cities by GDP - 20 American Cities with Economies as Big ... › articles › economic-output-largest-us

    Los Angeles also has a GDP over $1T, roughly the same size as Malaysia. Other large cities have enormous economies. Four urban areas contribute more than $500B in GDP, including Chicago ($689B), San Francisco ($549), Washington, DC ($541B) and Dallas ($512B). Even smaller American cities have enormous economic weight.

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