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      • A listing agent is a real estate agent, however this name specifically refers to an agent that is representing a seller who is listing their home for sale, rather than a selling agent who is representing a buyer. How do listing agents make money? Listing agents are paid by the seller of the home through a commission.
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  2. The brokerage, or company for which real estate sales agents work, is the holder of all real estate listings, not the agent himself. The agent only represents and works on the listing.

  3. Dec 12, 2019 · Advantages of Acting as One's Own Real Estate Agent. Learn More →. When you see a real estate listing that reads "Agent Owner," "Broker Owner" or something similar, it means that a member of the listing team for the property also owns it, at least in part. Usually, this doesn't make a big difference with the property, since, after all, a house is a house.

  4. A seller’s agent is the real estate agent or REALTOR® who represents the person who wants to sell their property. “Seller’s agent” and “listing agent” are often used interchangeably. This in contrast to a buyer’s agent, who represents the person who is interested in purchasing the property.

    • Dual Agency. Dual agency is probably one of the worst things a Realtor can do for a client who wants to sell their home. With dual agency, the Real Estate agent attempts to represent you, the seller, and the buyer, all at the same time, which is technically impossible.
    • Open Houses. Some real estate agents just love to express to their clients how fantastic open houses are as a marketing activity. This is, in fact, the #1-way real estate agents fool their seller clients.
    • Misleading on Price. This is the oldest trick in the book. Every seller wants to think that their home is worth more than it is – it’s just human nature.
    • Saying Attendance at a Home Inspection Isn’t Necessary. Exceptional real estate agents go out of their way to do their best for a client. A good agent needs to be ready and willing to represent you at all the correct times, including during the home inspection.
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