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  2. Survival horror - Wikipedia

    Survival horror is a subgenre of action-adventure and horror video games that focuses on survival of the character as the game tries to frighten players with either horror graphics or scary ambience. Although combat can be part of the gameplay, the player is made to feel less in control than in typical action games through limited ammunition, health, speed and vision, or through various obstructions of the player's interaction with the game mechanics. The player is also challenged to find items

  3. What Makes a Survival Horror Game? | TechRaptor

    The first game to be marketed as "Survival Horror" was 1996's Resident Evil, a game that is universally considered a classic, but the roots of survival horror were sewn back in 1989's Sweet Home, a horror RPG on the Famicom, and ever further back in games such as the1982's 3D Monster Maze, originally for the Sinclair ZX81, and Haunted House, originally for the Atari 2600, and under a microscope, the similarities can be seen.

  4. Survival Horror (Concept) - Giant Bomb

    The term "survival horror" was first used for the original Japanese release of Resident Evil in 1996, which was influenced by earlier games with a horror theme such as 1989's Sweet Home. The name has been used since then for games with similar gameplay, and has been retroactively applied to older games as well.

  5. Survival Horror - TV Tropes

    Not unlike Postmodernism, modern Survival Horror isn't really a clear-cut genre in itself; it exists more as a blurred subset of Horror and First - or Third-Person Shooter. Many games in the genre are closer to Adventure Games in gameplay, with much less focus on combat and more on puzzles.

  6. What is a Survival Horror Game | Experienced Points | The ...

    Oct 19, 2015 · Note that while it's referred to as "survival horror" today, the term itself didn't appear until years later. Mechanically, the game is actually much closer to modern-day adventure games than to...

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  7. Best Survival Horror Games of All Time | Cultured Vultures
    • Mark Loproto
    • Resident Evil 2 (1998) Developer: Capcom. Publisher: Capcom. Platform(s): PC, PS1, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast. Believe it or not, we’re not talking about the critically acclaimed 2019 remake.
    • Silent Hill 2. Developer: Konami. Publisher: Konami. Platform(s): PC, PS2, Xbox. Sometimes it seems that video games are the one place where the adage “nothing beats the original” doesn’t apply.
    • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. Developer: Tecmo. Publisher: Tecmo. Platform(s): PS2, Xbox. In the abandoned Minakami Village, Mio and Mayu Amakura confront restless ghosts of the past in what is still one of the scariest (and best) survival horror games to date.
    • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. Developer: Silicon Knights. Publisher: Nintendo. Platform(s): Gamecube. Not only was Eternal Darkness distributed by Nintendo, but it was also an exclusive on the GameCube, a console intended for family fun and to continue the Super Mario legacy.
  8. Browsing Survival Horror - Steam

    Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Survival Horror products on Steam

  9. The Top 10 Survival Horror Games - IGN

    May 23, 2016 · Survival horror has an unsettling appeal, perhaps because of its flexibility to do so much with so little. Restraint enables designers to create incredible scares, an uncomfortable atmosphere, and...

  10. 10 Best Survival Horror Games Of All Time, Ranked | Game Rant

    Jan 22, 2020 · A good survival horror game is often a mixture of good story and great scares. It doesn't rely only on cheap jump scares, but actually develops interesting and terrifying monsters that hunt down...

    • The Last Of Us
      The Last Of Us
      There's no question about the fact that The Last Of Us is one of the best games of the last twenty years. While it would take forever to elaborate why, it's better to experience the game first hand.
    • Resident Evil 2
      Resident Evil 2
      If there's one remake that really succeeded, it was that of Resident Evil 2. With the option of either playing as Claire or Leon, both parties need to survive through the night in Raccoon City which has been infected by a powerful virus, courtesy of Umbrella Corporation.
    • Silent Hill 2
      Silent Hill 2
      When James Sunderland receives a message from his missing wife to meet him in Silent Hill, he leaves off to the mysterious town immediately.
  11. Is there a difference between Horror games and Survival ...

    Survival Horror is a genre where the fate of the player depends on himself instead of the game magically protecting him/her around, keeping enemies away, keeping their resources always plenty, etc. Instead, everything that affects the player's success is given to the player to take care of, hence Survival.