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  1. LGBT representations in hip hop music have been historically low. Hip hop has long been portrayed as one of the least LGBT-friendly genres of music, with a significant body of the genre containing homophobic views and anti-gay lyrics. Attitudes towards homosexuality in hip hop culture have historically been negative.

  2. Hip-hop is more than a music genre, it is a culture that has shaped America over the past three decades. Its influence has spread across the United States, impacting politics and media culture. This article explores hip-hop's social impact on the United States. Topics This Article Covers. How hip-hop music influenced America; Hip-hop in the ...

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    The negation of female voice and perspective is an issue that has come to define mainstream hip hop music. The recording industry is less willing to back female artists than their male counterparts, and when it does back them, often it places emphasis on their sexuality over their musical substance and artistic abilities.

  4. DJ Lovebug Starski is credited with coining the term “hip hop” to describe this style of music. As the most recognizable aspect of this urban culture, hip hop started to be used to describe all aspects of this urban culture according to “And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip Hop” (part 1), VH1 television channel mini-series, 2005. 5

  5. May 25, 2019 · Hip-hop discovers that touring is a great way to generate income, as the Fresh Fest concert featuring Whodini, Kurtis Blow, Fat Boys, and Run DMC, reels in $3.5 million for 27 dates. Battle rap assumes the spotlight in hip-hop, as UTFO’s “Roxanne Roxanne” diss song attracts over 100 responses.

  6. Oct 11, 2015 · The number one independent hip-hop artist in the game today is Tech N9ne. This shit is so obvious and so clear, it’s not even funny. Tech N9ne’s been the king of the independent hip-hop game for years now and nothing’s really changed. These new, young dudes will come and go, but no-one’s been able to take Tech’s crown.

  7. Jun 19, 2020 · Its release was a watershed moment for hip-hop: the single broke the Top 40 in the States, and suddenly America was introduced to this radical new music. By the beginning of the 1980s, hip-hop was ...

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