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  1. Praying With Persistence - Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

    Lord, I can do lots of things.” But the problem is, without Him, we accomplish nothing—and it’s when we realize this that we begin to be persistent in our prayer life. I think it was O. Hallesby, one of Norway’s great Christian leaders, who said that prayer is the utterance of the helpless.

  2. Persistent Prayer (Audio) | Bible Answers Live | Amazing Facts

    Prayer is a powerful business. It really does make a difference and it's something we should do continually. God does things when we persistently pray that otherwise he will not do. We have a free offer that will talk to you about the power of prayer, and the blessings of prayer. All you have to do is ask for it.

  3. The Power Of Persistent Prayer - Sermon Notebook testament/Luke 18_1-8.htm

    Luke 18:1-8. THE POWER OF PERSISTENT PRAYER. Intro: Most of us are familiar with Ted Turner, the cable television millionaire.Turner, at the American Humanist Association banquet, where he received an award for his work on the environment and world peace, openly criticized fundamental Christianity.

  4. Be Persistent In Prayer | SermonAudio - Be Persistent In Prayer. ... The largest and most trusted library of audio sermons from conservative churches and ministries worldwide.

  5. Prayer and Persistence (Sermon) - Bible Tools

    Being persistent in prayer does not mean incessant pestering, whining, or cajoling God into action. Luke 11:1-13 purposefully contrasts the generous nature of God with that of a reluctant stranger or a malicious tyrant. Because His timeframe is different from ours, we sometimes feel that we have totally lost control.

  6. The Call To Persistent Prayer, Part 1 - AudioVerse

    The Call To Persistent Prayer, Part 1 ... to look on the Internet him a lot when the last presentations like Corrie ten boom the greatest of these is love it is audio ...

  7. 30 Bible verses about Prayer, Persistence In,-Persistence-In

    Persistence God Answering Prayers Hard Work And Perseverance Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Sleep, Spiritual Intercessory Prayer Persecution, Attitudes To Spiritual Warfare, Armour Alert Unceasing Perseverance Spiritual Warfare, As Conflict Faithfulness, In Human Relationships Prayer, For Others Diligent Prayer Watchfulness, Of Believers Boldness ...

  8. Standing Firm in Persistent Prayer -

    Read Standing Firm in Persistent Prayer and learn how to pray in ways that reveal God's power and strength. Jesus was persistent in prayer. He practiced persistence in His prayer life, and He ...

  9. Persistent prayer - Is it biblical? Is it acceptable to ...

    Persistent prayer - Is it biblical? Is it acceptable to repeatedly pray for the same thing, or should we ask only once? Persistent prayer is something on which Christians do not always agree, but the Bible gives some guidance. Luke 11:5-13 records the parable of the friend at midnight.

  10. Persistent Prayer - Unanswered Prayers - Prayer Stories ...

    Unanswered prayers may contain messages all their own. Persistent prayer is one way to respond to unanswered prayers, and persistence in prayer is always a good idea. Learn from others' prayer stories to see how they coped with unanswered prayers and to look for ways to deepen your prayer life ...